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Netfah’s Raw Clothing Construction 1-Day Intensive image

Netfah’s Fundamentals of Raw Clothing Construction workshop offers thought provoking, hands-on learning experiences for ages 11+ designed to teach not only the premise behind basic raw clothing construction techniques, but an introduction to the concept of wholistic dress as well, all without the need of a sewing machine! From concept to completion, students will learn the basic knowledge and skills required to create and re-create apparel and accessories for a lifetime from a wholistic, eco-friendly, and uniquely creative perspective. At the end of the workshop students will be equipped with enough knowledge, insight and information to become eco-fashion stewards and self-sufficient producers. They will also have the opportunity to celebrate one another’s individual creations during a ‘Best Of’ peer-based Awards ceremony.

  • Basic materials provided. Donated textiles requested.
  • With eco-fashion, sustainability and entrepreneurship part of a growing conversation among many forward-thinking collectives, empowering and encouraging individuals through our FRCC workshop is one of the most creative ways to cultivate the mindset of individual and socio-economic self-sufficiency needed for a lifetime. As such, here are 3 main reasons why students would benefit from taking this course…
  • 1. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of how to construct functional and fashionable attire and accessories through the manipulation and construction of various fabrics and materials using NON-INVASIVE techniques. That’s right…NO SEWING MACHINES REQUIRED.
  • 2. Students will learn the basic concept behind wholistic (holistic) dress, its purpose, connection to us respectively and individually, and how to apply it in our personal life.
  • 3. Students will play an active part in saving our planet thru the education and application of recycling, reconstruction and re-use.

Instructor: Netfah Amina Afia Bell