IDG Summit 2024 – Cirkus Stockholm & more!

Wed 16 Oct 2024 08:00 - Fri 18 Oct 2024 20:00
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Step into inner growth for outer change at the IDG Summit 2024!

This October, the IDG Summit brings together a global community around a story of hope that society can grow and rise to the challenges of a sustainable future.

Featuring global perspectives on bringing the power of inner development to these challenges, tools to reimagine the playbook on sustainable development and systemic change, and fostering connections with a global community of others navigating this shift.

Spread over three days and hosted in special venues around Stockholm, Sweden and online, join forces with other changemakers from the private and public sectors, academia, civil society and grassroots movements to integrate inner development into your personal lives, organisations and society.

Join us in scripting a new narrative where being, thinking, relating, collaborating and acting become a unified force for transformative change.

Tickets go on sale March 21! Join the waitlist to be notified leading up to the release date. 

See this video for some impressions from the Summit 2023:

Here’s what to expect:

Day 1 - Inspiration

Experience a program of TED-style talks from renowned thinkers and practitioners in adult development, business, leadership, sustainability, policy development and indigenous wisdom woven together with performances and art on stage.

And for a change of pace, you can join a mindfulness practice, deep connecting exercise or our co-creative collaboration space along the five IDG dimensions in and around the venue.

Day 2 - Deep Dives

Deep dive into one of five parallel tracks with experts and trailblazers in business*, public sector, academia and technology to explore topics around regenerative futures, biodiversity, AI, policy-making, higher education, and more.

Day 2 will be about collaboration and action, so you’ll leave with some new tools & methods as well as real-world examples from global communities prototyping tools and putting the IDG skills into action. Convene with others from your field, or seek a new perspective with these interactive workshops, debates and discussions that will transform the way you live and lead.

*For business professionals, our Business Tickets offer exclusive access to the Day 2 Business Track, where you’ll delve into topics specifically tailored to the corporate world.

Day 3 - Integration (optional)

For all those unfinished conversations or nearly missed meetings, take the day to relate, digest, and integrate new insights and connections in this open arena where anything can happen. Make the most of being part of a global community of changemakers from diverse disciplines dedicated to inner development for outer change.

We may host an extra dinner at Stockholm City Hall at an extra cost. More details when regular tickets go on sale.