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The space for this one is brilliant, nice and central and locked off like a disco fortress.

The main room has a nice big 4-point sound system and killer lighting rig - including some of those lightning chasing round a blue tube things from the 90s that are literally the best thing ever

Visuals are by and will blow your mind apart. If you’ve been to Field Maneuvers you’ll know their work, it’s absolutely stunning. Check their Instagram here

There are also loads of big squishy sofas right next to the dancefloor for all your chilling and chatting needs and a nice long bar discreetly down one side of the room so you don’t need to miss a single minute of the musical action

And a very special guest dj; fresh out of a 20 year retirement and still as good as ever, the enigmatic Fabi Paras.

Unless you’re the wrong side of 40 you probably haven’t heard him dj yet but if you’ve been to WU you’ve heard his productions, we’ve added a few in posts to refresh your memories

His music and dj sets are unique, a heavily percussive and Eastern tinged hybrid of tribal trance, heavy techno and relentless progressive house, absolutely perfect for WU and it’s a genuine honour to have him join Andy Blake and Amy Alsop in the main room

For when you need an aural hug and remote recharge is required we have a nice big chill out room full of sofas where Miro Sundaymusiq, Scott Bowley and Excelsior Ruth are looking after the Ambient Wuumb undulating frequencies over a beautiful vintage soundsystem consisting of a pair of Klipsch and a pair of Tannoys

Fresh from the excellent scenes they set in the tunnel at the last WU, Overscan are back on visual duty in the ambient and they’ve got something very special up their sleeve for this one

There's also a cafe and large private smoking courtyard...

Draft beers, fresh juices, tea and coffee, kombucha, raw chocolate, a first class BBQ for the first couple of hours and pastries and paninis all night

The combination of spaces for this one does something we've always aimed for with WU, takes things out of just being a sweaty rave in a box into being more like a festival vibe in a city setting, while of course making sure there's always a sweaty rave in a box at the core

The venue is extremely easy to get to. Very close to the 24hour services at Shoreditch and Liverpool Street stations and loads of buses from all over London

Tickets are £10 and £15 advance, £20 on the door if there's room

Facebook event is here