Tax Accounting: Practice, Strategies and Know-How, A recorded online course presented by Malcolm Greenbaum – YouTube

Thu 14 Dec 2023 1:45 PM - Fri 13 Dec 2024 5:15 PM GMT
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This course  takes delegates through the more commonly arising corporate tax accounting issues, including tax reconciliations, group issues, business combinations, CIR and share schemes.

Price: £99 + VAT 

The technical nuances of tax accounting can be perplexing without targeted training. This half-day course brings clarity to key tax accounting principles and practices. Designed specifically for tax professionals, accountants and lawyers, this course focuses on the tax accounting issues you're most likely to encounter, including:

-Tax reconciliations, group relief, and deferred tax
-Business combinations, pensions, R&D credits, and more
-Share schemes, derivatives, and complex tax considerations

Through a leading instructor-led presentation, real-world examples, and practical top tips, you'll gain an enhanced working knowledge of complex tax accounting concepts. You'll be able to communicate more effectively across legal, finance, and accounting boundaries and Identify problematic issues early and collaborate better on solutions.

Whether you're an accountant specializing in tax, audit, or advisory services, or a lawyer focused on M&A, litigation, or tax law, this course will equip you with a strong base of tax accounting knowledge. You will come away with greater clarity and confidence to be able to provide a better service for your clients

Detailed content includes:

  • Skills needed in tax accounting
  • Accounting for tax including impact of IFRIC 23
  • Tax reconciliation issues
    • Super-deductions (R&D, capital allowances, creative reliefs)
  • Accounting for group relief and group payment arrangements
  • Deferred tax issues
    • GAAP differences and impact on DT - leases example
    • Deferred tax asset recognition issues
    • Business combinations and consolidation issues
    • Defined benefit pension schemes
    • DT on CIR amounts
    • Derivatives and hedging issues
    • Share schemes
  • Accounting for RDEC – overview
  • Additional issues and examples

Malcolm Greenbaum is a UK Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor. He was previously Director of Finance and Taxation Programmes at BPP Professional Education and has delivered IFRS, US GAAP, UK Tax and VAT training to a multitude of organisations world-wide since 1992. Malcolm has particular experience in delivering bespoke training programmes to multi-nationals in the financial services, transport and energy sectors as well as delivering UK tax and VAT update programmes to accounting and law firms.

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