IIC Lima Congress 2024 'Sustainable Solutions in Conservation: New Strategies for New Times': Online and In-Person – UTEC - Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología

Mon 23 Sep 2024 8:30 AM - Fri 27 Sep 2024 12:00 PM
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A donation to this fund will support attendance of students and early career professionals.

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The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC) and the Research Center for Heritage Conservation at the Universidad de Ingenieria & Tecnologia (UTEC) in Lima, are pleased that the 30th biennial IIC Congress 2024 will be hosted in person and online in Lima, Peru.

The Congress in 2024 will again take a hybrid format for the main technical sessions of the programme, promoting a more sustainable, accessible and climate-friendly event - extending our global reach from Africa to Asia-Pacific, as well as offering the opportunity for in-person events at local regional hubs in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, with networking and experience of the unique culture and heritage that South America has to offer.

We look forward to welcoming you online or in person.

For those attending the Congress in person, the registration fee includes:

  • an invitation to attend the opening reception which will be hosted on the evening of Monday 23 September 2024.
  • access to the online Congress platform to view all the papers, posters and all online content for 6 months.
  • a free digital copy (pdf) of the Congress proceedings.

An afternoon of technical visits will form part of the Congress live week programme for in-person delegates on Wednesday 25 September, you can view all the technical visits on the IIC website and book by clicking this link once you have registered for the Congress  - an access code is included in the confirmation email for your Congress registration. If you cannot locate the access code please get in touch with the IIC office.

Registered delegates can contact the IIC Office iic@iiconservation.org directly for discount links for various local hotels - please see the IIC website for venue and accommodation information.


For individuals not able to travel to Lima, Peru - there will be four in-person-only 'Local Regional Hubs':

  • Argentina,
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Uruguay
  • Chile

Registrations will be limited to people living and working in the region, and have no resources to attend in-person or on-line to the event. Attendance to the in-person live hubs will be managed locally, registrations will open in late May 2024.


All online registrants will have access to watch the technical programme sessions, which will be streamed live from Lima, Peru. In addition, we are encouraging participation across the globe through four online-only Virtual Live Hubs with additional programming designed to suit multiple time zones and interests across the globe, as well as live AI translation of sessions into 50 languages, for:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Pan-Africa

For those attending the Congress online, the registration fee includes:

  • invitation to all virtual live hubs with sessions in multiple time zones and 50+ languages
  • access to the Congress platform to view all the papers, posters and all online content for 6 months.
  • free digital copy (pdf) of the Congress proceedings.


 Late registration is now open. The venue is Universidad de Ingenieria & Tecnologia (UTEC),  capacity at the venue is limited to 300 people - early registration is recommended.

                                                                                                                  Early Bird        Late  

In-Person Standard International (members and speakers)    £410                 £475

In-Person Standard International (non-members)                      £575                 £650

In-Person Standard Regional* (members and Speakers)           £165                 £200

In-Person Standard Regional* (non-members)                             £205                £250

In-Person Student International                                                       £125                £150    SOLD OUT

In-Person Student Regional*                                                              £80                   £100   SOLD OUT

Online IIC Members (and speakers)                                                 FREE                  FREE

Online Standard International (non-members)                           £150                   £180

Online Standard Regional (non-members)                                    £50                      £60

Online Standard International Students                                        £75                     £85

Online Standard Regional* Students                                               £25                     £30

*Standard Regional and Student Regional registrations are for individuals living and working/studying  in South America and Band 2 - 4 countries only. A full list of eligible countries and band listings can be viewed here. IIC and the Local Organising Committee reserve the right to request evidence of eligibility from registrants to regional discounts.

Our goal is to make access to the congress fair and affordable to all, whilst balancing the environmental costs that come with travelling to a conference.

Our regional registration fees for in-person attendance have therefore been significantly reduced. They were set by the local organising committee (LOC) in Peru, which worked closely with representatives in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay to lower the fees for regional attendance to a more affordable level, whilst still covering the essential costs of organizing such a congress. This resulted in, for example, the 60% reduction in registration fees for regional IIC members and the 65% reduction for regional non-members, compared to the respective international member/non-member rates.

IIC also remains committed to providing free online registration for IIC members around the world (and a 66% reduction for regional non-members) and IIC membership fees also have significant discounts: 25% for Band 2 countries, 50% for Band 3 and 75% for Band 4.

As a third option, this year we are introducing local regional in-person hubs in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay- a new idea that is designed to encourage and increase in-person local participation in the Congress, particularly for conservators and conservation professionals where travel to Lima has been highlighted locally as a barrier. Currently, we have regional in-person hubs planned in Belo Horizonte, Buenos Aires and Montevideo, and these will also offer the opportunity for round table discussions and focused dialogues where local voices will feed into the overarching international ambition of the Congress to support knowledge sharing and learning on one of the most challenging topics of our time.

That said, we are fully aware of the real benefits of in-person attendance, which is why IIC will continue to offer grants to cover registration fees and a contribution towards travel/accommodation costs for students and early career professionals to attend Congress through IIC’s Brommelle Memorial fund. Applications for these grants will open on 1 February, and further information can be found here with priority for speakers and authors. IIC also provides grants to IIC members to attend conferences through IIC’s Opportunities Fund which has two rounds per year, with priority for colleagues living and working or studying in Bands 2 -4 countries. Speakers and Authors will receive free online registration to the Congress with discounts for in-person attendance.

Terms and Conditions of Registration and Data Privacy Policy

Our IIC Community Guidelines as well as terms and conditions for registration can be found here. We will be recording the Congress, which will include for learning purposes, publicity and/or public viewing. By attending this event, you accept that you may appear in IIC videos or images as an attendee of this Congress.

We (IIC) need to collect some personal information, including from the Institution or University registering their staff, students or researchers, attending the Congress online or in-person in order to process registrations and provide access to the Congress platform. This includes name, role and contact email address for individuals, and any special accessibility requirements that we are told about. We will only use this personal data to contact the individual about the Congress, to do this we will need to share this information, including your name and contact details, with the local organising committee in Lima, Peru, in order to facilitate the individual's attendance to the Congress online or in-person.

A delegate list of all registered in-person attendees including names and contact registration emails will be shared at the event in Lima. If you do not want your name or contact email on the delegate list please contact the Congress team, congress@iiconservation.org to notify us.

The full terms and conditions of registration can be found on the IIC website here.

You can find out more about how we manage personal data and about your rights in IIC's Privacy notice found in the website footer or here