Wonderland: Midlands Masquerade & Book Signing 2025 – Eastwood Hall

Sat 26 Jul 2025 10:00 AM - Sun 27 Jul 2025 12:00 AM BST
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Entry is 11:30am - 4:00pm £5.00 £0.50

Entry is 10:00am - 4:00pm £15.00 £0.50

Includes specialty edition Wonderland 2025 mug, Wonderland candle, Signing book & more. £25.00 £0.50

Standard Entry at 11:30am & Masquerade Ball £85.00 £0.50

Early Entry (10:00am), SWAG Bag & Masquerade Ball £115.00 £0.50

Babies that are not having the meal do not need a ticket. £45.00 £0.50

£80.00 £0.50

Subtotal 0.00

Welcome to Wonderland, an exquisitely unique and unforgettable experience, with authors we all know and adore at our multi-genre book signing and masquerade ball.

Spend the day with friends both old and new, visit our spectacular authors and get your books and merchandise signed; or perhaps take part in the Wonderland Treasure Hunt where everyone wins a prize, and finally put on those dancing shoes and step into a fairy tale world for our masquerade ball with three-course meal included.

Book signing times:

Early entry: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

General Admission: 11:30 am - 4:30 pm

Masquerade Ball & three course meal: 7:30 pm until late

We have several options for you.

Standard entry: £5 (11:30 am) this includes the treasure map (with a prize for completion), entry band, table plan and stickers.

Early entry: £15 (10:00 am) this includes the treasure map (and a prize for completion), early entry, entry band, table plan and stickers.

SWAG Bag: £25 this includes a Wonderland tote bag, special edition Wonderland 2025 mug, Wonderland candle, Treasure map, sweets, table plan, entry band upgraded to the lanyard (entry not included), bookmark, stickers and the signing book with author logos, photos and quotes. SWAG Bags may not be suitable for children under 16.

Full Ticket: £85 Standard 11:30 am entry & Masquerade Ball. Includes everything as per the standard entry ticket above.

VIP Ticket: £115 Early entry 10:00 am entry, SWAG Bag (contents as above) & Masquerade Ball.

Under 16s Ticket: Free for the signing, £45 for the masquerade ball. (Babies under 1, do not need a ticket unless they are having a meal).

Disabled/Carers Ticket: Free for the signing, £80 for the masquerade ball.

Please join our Facebook group for up-to-date information: Wonderland: Midlands Masquerade & Book Signing

*All tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another name up to a month before the event.

**Everyone will need to leave the main room promptly at 4:30 pm so it can be set up for the masquerade ball. There is an area by the bar if you would like to stay for drinks.

*** Under 16s are allowed at the parent’s discretion, as there will be merchandise of an adult nature during the book signing. All under 16s must have a ticket for the masquerade ball. (No charge for under 16s to the signing.)

Attending Author Pre-order Links:

A Double (Dark Romance):

Aisling Elizabeth (PNR & Dark Romance): https://beventi.co/orderform/0fd0msuzgj

Alba Lockwood (PNR):

Annie Charme (Romance, Spicy & Suspense):

Annalee Adams (PNR, Dark Urban Fantasy & Horror): https://forms.gle/xy8oWVcqS1gs2P5fA

Arizona Tape (PNR & Urban Fantasy): https://www.arizonatape.com/shop

B Crowhurst (Contemporary Romance): https://forms.gle/xxZEBohWNQGvocvp6

Bekah D. Killer (Dark Romance & PNR):

C. Thomas Lafollette (Urban Fantasy):

C.B. Halliwell (Sweet Second Chance, Small Town Romance): https://forms.gle/qFvMbqi2fzJ6A11G6

C.J. Laurence (PNR & Fantasy Romance): https://docs.google.com/.../1WOJFn4UGKfISLmvOw9I.../viewform

C.L Stewart (Contemporary Romance): https://forms.gle/ebhpgZ4uTM6CBEtM6

C.N. Rowan (Urban Fantasy): https://forms.gle/b3XhxDNQB7PpCH6U9

B Camie Parrish/ C.M Nyx (Dark Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, Bully Romance):

Carol Kerry-Green (Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance): https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSf1nRtjM6myjA.../viewform

Carrie Auston-Malone (PNR, Fantasy, Crime Family, Suspense):

Carrie O’Leary (Multi-genre Flash Fiction & Supernatural):

Cassidy Reyne (Romantic suspense, PNR, Small Town Romance): https://forms.gle/VwCSMfa4kFzqoFoJ6

Chloë L Blyth (Rom-Com, Fantasy Romance):

Claire Marta (PNR, Bully Romance, Contemporary, Suspense, Sci-fi Romance):

Claire Shaw (Dark Romance, MC): https://forms.gle/rTu3n5taXW8wn3yw9 

Clarice Jayne (Steamy Contemporary, Suspense, Mystery, Cinnamon Roll, RH, LGBTQ+ Romances): https://forms.gle/P7Qnz3z8q3utSUN38

D.E. Bartley (Romance, Supernatural, RH, Dark): https://forms.gle/D35EKraE4tyv4tuu8

D.R. Wolf (Fantasy, LITRPG):

Dahlia T. Drake (Urban Fantasy, PNR):

Daisy Hale (YA/NA Fantasy Romance):

E. K. Baxter (Fantasy):

Effie Campbell (Dark Romance & Mafia):

Elizabeth N Harris (MC & PNR):

Elouise East (MM Romance): https://forms.gle/af8Wh94BKjYUB7Sx6

Elle M Thomas (Contemporary, Steamy Romance): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IsRP80YElEHwhmYY6ILU7nEpph4NS3C9dubHj_cwUx8/viewform?edit_requested=true

Emma Creed (Dark Romance, MC, Cowboys, Mafia):

Emma-Lee Johnson (Romance. Paranormal, Contemporary, Mafia, Sports, RH):

Emma Luna (Dark Romance):

Emmaleigh Ink & Trouble (Dark, fantasy, PNR, Broody Rom Com): https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLScCD0nuw5RKot.../viewform

Gemini Black (Dark Romance): https://forms.gle/4qUT274nwnP3N67TA

Harleigh Beck (Dark Romance, PNR Why-Choose, Horror Romance):

Harley Raige (Dark Romance): https://forms.gle/romrnNFtAQF8eW1HA

Heather G Harris (Urban Fantasy): https://forms.gle/J6Qk5sdvBBTBBSy86

Holly Guy (Dark romance, Er*t*c Horror/Fantasy/Suspense, PNR, Forbidden Romance, Multiple Love Interests): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdsq1TM0tOoQKq_PimehDUxsCbsJtqBMFgYCwD-rZvMr-Dxrg/viewform

J.A. Belfield (Steamy Contemporary Romance, PNR, Fairy Tale): https://beventi.co/orderform/yx3qr35xm9

J.D. Groom (Urban Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance): https://forms.gle/cwMk9B8uvEZ8jfbz6

J.L. Meyrick (Fantasy Romance): https://beventi.co/orderform/r7yxv6c8dz

Jackie Paxson (Rom-Com, Contemporary Romance): https://forms.gle/nCohc1vaG2drwa6B7

Jan Foster (Historical Romance): https://beventi.co/orderform/zvyz52fxtu

Jim Ody (Horror):

Joey Paul (YA Paranormal, Mystery, Crime, Urban Fantasy, and Dystopian): https://forms.gle/YekcMWXUNvaBSgQGA

Jordyn Ellery (Dark Romance, Romance):

Julie Thorpe (Contemporary & PNR):

K M Morgan (YA Fantasy, Childrens & Merchandise): https://beventi.co/orderform/gqmyupmivr

Kam London (Dark PNR Romance & Contemporary): https://forms.gle/oRgsbto2j2dUZMCT9

Katherine Isaac (Paranormal, Contemporary, Why Choose, LGBTQ, Polyamory, Rockstar): https://forms.gle/o1q3zw9zsYk2NcuU8

K.D. Sherrinford (Historical Romance, Suspense & Cosy Mysteries): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CGT6T9BL

Kyra Alessy (Dark PNR, RH):

L. Ann (Rockstars, Dark Bully, Hockey, PNR):

L.M. Mountford (Ero tic Romance): https://forms.gle/UbKpR17KpkR2hnCeA

Laura Greenwood (PNR, Urban Fantasy, and Fantasy Romance): https://forms.gle/su3LbQN38KuVqj8W6

Linzvonc (Steamy Romance):

Liz Cain (Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Romance): https://beventi.co/orderform/qtdwrn43aq

L.K. Shear (PNR): https://forms.gle/VE8S2CoNaQfv2NKa6

Lucy Felthouse (Reverse Harem Romance, Ero tica, Ero tic Romance, & LGBT): https://beventi.co/orderform/th1sykcn19

L.W. Rogers:

MF Moody (Smut, Romance):

MJ Rutter (Romance, PNR, Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery): https://docs.google.com/.../1UfZxmItvF9so8rHdXtR.../viewform

MJ Mars (Horror):

M.L. Mountford (PNR):

Maddison Cole (Dark RH & Why Choose): https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSc9LU4.../viewform

Maggie Brown (YA Ghost, NA Fantasy Romance):

Martin Ferguson (Adventure, Fantasy):

Martin Tracey (Thriller & Music):

Martina Dale (Spicy Contemporary Romance):

Melody Mode (Dark Contemporary Romance):

Mia Kun (YA/NA/Sports Romance): https://forms.gle/7BfRYFKHU1ae5Y2k8

Mike Norris (Supernatural, Fantasy): https://beventi.co/orderform/v2nqejg5zx

Miriam Rosentvaig (Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance):

Morgana Bevan (Celebrity Romance -rock stars, actors and hockey players): https://forms.gle/K7bmuz2k5cu6UZSX6

Nancy Cleaver (High Fantasy & Romance):

Pamela Fields (Romance, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy & Thrillers): https://beventi.co/orderform/fffnz9heyd

Punam Farmah (Contemporary Romance): https://forms.gle/Kmu6LVGX5jVri2a96

S Lucas (PNR, Contemporary, Why Choose, MM & MF): https://beventi.co/orderform/zmg6iwb0rm

Sharon Jackson (Crime):

Silas Reames (Paranormal / Urban Fantasy, YA, Dystopian, & Sci-fi):

T.F. Webb (Paranormal Fantasy):

Tammy Bradley (Dark Romance):

Taylor Aston White (PNR & Urban Fantasy): https://www.beventi.co/orderform/wyz1aq5xct

T. Maree/Alexis Maree & Luna Maree (Contemporary, Steamy & Paranormal Romance): https://forms.gle/hU1Svfu7DtmKSqwb6

Tracie Delaney (Billionaire Romance): https://docs.google.com/.../1SUYwK60bfOBk.../viewform


Book Babes UK

Eason and Edwards Book Merch

Fae Candle Co.

Magical Means


Rogue Firebird Press with TA Moore, Rhys Ford & Andi Lee

Emery Press

This list is subject to change.