Goths on a Field 4 – Ellesmere

Fri 5 Jul 2024 6:00 PM - Sun 7 Jul 2024 12:00 PM
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Welcome to the ticketing page for Goths on a Field 4!

As per the previous GOAF events, this is not a commercial festival, but is instead a volunteer-managed, social-camping event intended to give people a chance to get together, catch up, relax and generally have a good time!  And not only have we secured a great place to do this, but we've also got some great musical acts joining us!

Friday July 5th (Evening)

This year, we'll be having more of an acoustic setup for the Friday, to help ease us all into a weekend of fun...

Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls

Presenting a unique blend of creepy vaudeville and New Orleans voodoo, this spooky combo brings it all: bass, guitar and a washboard!


There's (hopefully) no kazoos involved, but Hi-Reciprocity does offer a fine blend of melancholic folk tunes inter-spaced with wry stories.


Bringing a bit of the German Festival feel to our little field, Ravenhymn offer some of the finest neo-medieval music around.  With bagpipes, naturally.

Saturday July 6th (Evening)

Chaos Bleak

Inspired by the best in post-punk goth, and bringing a cheerful presence to the stage, Chaos Bleak are firm supporters of the scene and are always a welcome presence!

Holy Braille

Heavy electro-industrial tunes to get the body moving!


This industrial synthpop duo craft immersive musical landscapes, mixing pounding beats and blistering synth drones, with a lush ambience, hypnotic organic textures, subtle pop melodies and haunting, esoteric lyrics that draw the listener into a dream-like reverie

Saturday July 6th (Afternoon)

The Wattingers

Taking on the world with a time-travelling mix of cabaret and whiskey, be prepared for theatrics and fun!

The Memepunks

Part tribute, part mash-up: it's all a gloriously entertaining experience as the music wildly rockets between genres and decades.

Still Forever

Some of Manchester's finest electro-synth, brought to the always fabulously flat field!

Guest DJs


Bringing a wide range of tunes from the darker side of the scene, Visra is here to get people dancing!

DJ TeaKake

A great person and a great DJ, their mixes know no bounds!


Armed with both style and panache, Ultravixen brings an eclectic mix of amazing tunes to keep the party going!

The Venue and Location

GOAF 4 will be held at a farm in Northwood, just between Wrexham and Shrewsbury, and we've been lucky enough to secure the use of several large flat fields which come complete with a water tap and toilet facilities.  In addition, the farm has both an outdoor stage complete with power and lighting, and a large barn which we can use as an indoor stage, if the weather proves unsuitable for outdoor revelries!

The fields are easily accessible from the main road, and we'll put up signposts on the weekend to help guide people in.

Cars can be parked on the field, and people are welcome to bring campervans at no extra cost, though please note that no power hookups are available.

Please note that we ask attendees to respect the following:

  • The farm itself will be off limits for the duration of the festival
  • This is a working farm, so pets are not allowed
  • Fires/BBQs are permitted, but must raised above the ground
  • Keep noise to a minimum when near the farm buildings
  • Ensure that gates etc are kept closed
  • Don't litter or leave rubbish behind; bin liners will be provided, so please make use of these!

The Event

GOAF 4 is a private event ran by volunteers.  It's not a festival with professional staff and there will not be any food stalls or bars, though people are welcome to bring their own drinks, and there are supermarkets in the nearby towns and villages.  Similarly, while there are toilet facilities on the site, we will not be keeping them stocked with toiletries!

As such, please bring everything which you need for the weekend - e.g. food, drink, sanitary products, toilet roll, battery packs, etc. And if you do have any special requirements, please contact the organisers prior to buying a ticket, so that we can confirm if we're able to support them.

Children are welcome to join us, and can attend for free if under the age of 16; anyone older than this will be expected to purchase a full-price ticket.  However, please note that neither the farm nor the GOAF volunteers can accept any responsibility for the safety or wellbeing of any children who do attend!

Equally, please note that all attendees are expected to:

  • Accept personal responsibility at all times for their actions
  • Look after their personal possessions
  • Treat all other attendees with respect
  • Treat the farm with respect, especially with respect to noise levels and litter

In the event of any inappropriate or disruptive behaviour - including the use of illegal drugs - people will be asked to immediately leave, and refunds will not be given.

As with all live events, performances and timings may be subject to change.  If this does cause any concerns, please contact the organisers; refunds etc will be handled as per the Tickets section below.


Please note that tickets must be purchased in advance!

GOAF is not a for-profit event, and tickets are being sold purely to cover the costs of running the event. As with the previous GOAF events, any monies left over afterwards will be donated to Shelter.

Four types of tickets are being made available:

  • Full weekend camping
  • Single-day camping (Friday or Saturday)
  • Full weekend "bands only"
  • Single day "bands only" (Friday or Saturday)

These can be purchased via this website.

In the event that you're unable to attend, or wish to change your ticket, please contact the organisers. Please note that refunds will only be given prior to June 28rd 2024.

Similarly, if the event does not ahead for any reason, full refunds will be given.

Health and Safety

At the time of writing (November 2023), there's no indication that there'll be any need for any Health and Safety measures to be in effect.

However, if any such measures are in place at the time of this event, we will adhere to any legal requirements which need to be fulfilled.  As such, please be prepared to bring whatever evidence is legally required, as well as to follow any official guidance which is in place at the time.  We also reserve the right to declare any additional measures which are deemed necessary to minimise risks and keep everyone safe.

In the run up to this event, we will continue to keep people updated, and full details will be sent out once we are able to confirm any pre-attendance requirements and any measures which will be in place for the duration of the event.

Please note that while refunds will be given to anyone who gives us notification prior to June 28th 2024 that they are unable to comply with the safety measures which have been put in place, anyone who turns up and refuses to adhere to the safety measures will be asked to leave and a refund will not be given.