JetLAG Festival 2024: NEOTERIC – Peaceful Valley Campground

Fri Jun 21, 2024 3:00 PM - Sun Jun 23, 2024 1:00 PM EDT
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Tier IV Tickets. On sale until June 18 or tickets sold out.

GA Adult Ticket (Age 21+) Tier IV $195.00 $5.95

Students 15-21 years old, or 21-23 with valid student ID upon arrival $110.00 $3.75

Child Ticket

All kids must be accompanied by an adult. $25.00 $1.50

This donation is OPTIONAL. We would love your participation, if you choose to do so. You can change the number to any amount you feel comfortable donating. Read more about our charity program here:

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Image: by Jenny Flora. JetLAG Festival 2023.


Have you ever heard the word Neoteric before?

Do you know its meaning?

What do you think it is? 

Neo is the easy part. Certainly, it means new. And what is “-teric’’? The Ancient Greek suffix -τερος is an equivalent of the English “-er’ or “-est”. For example, ἐσωτερικός (esō-terikós, esoteric) loosely means “deeper, deepest”. So Neoteric means newer, newest, or just recent, fresh, young. 

The word Neoteric is rather rare. It is ancient and precious. It has existed in English since the late 16th century, but was preceded by older synonyms such as just “modern”, which came to English earlier. So this word is old and new. Its own destiny showcases the dialectic of the Old and the New, the mystery of centuries that stand in front of each other, exchanging secrets, recipes and spells. 

In Ancient Rome, there were poets who called themselves Neoteric. Among them were the legendary Vergilius and Catullus, whose lyrics still rock. These masters defied the mainstream of their generation with intricate craftsmanship, playfulness, freedom, and experiment. But here is one more thing: these poets themselves were part of a bigger continuity. They encapsulated an awesome tradition, mystical, and mysterious. THE TRADITION OF BEING NEW! 

Over millennia, many other artists, collectives, communities, movements, carried, cherished, nurtured this tradition. Even if they did not actually brand themselves “Neoteric”, this is what they were. And so is JetLAG. And this is what makes JetLAG always unique and continuously relevant: the harmony of heritage and innovation, of reminiscence and foresight. It bridges the known and the freshly-discovered. We don't merely hold onto traditions; we evolve them. We recognize the allure of reinvention and passionately delve into the art of starting anew.

Welcome to the Evernew!
Welcome to Neoteric!
Welcome to JetLAG-2024!

Ticket prices and dates of sale:
*Tickets are sold in TIERS. 
Each Tier is on SALE until Sold Out or the date when the next Tier goes into effect.

GA Adult Tickets:    Tickets for Adults ages 21+
TIer I         on Sale January 5th         $135  (Sold Out)
Tier II        on Sale January 5th         $155  (Sold Out)
Tier III       on Sale                              $175  (Sold Out)
Tier IV       on Sale June 1st               $195  

Student Tickets:    Tickets for Students 15-21 years old, or 21-23 higher learning students with current student ID. *Valid student ID and proof of age is required upon arrival for ALL Student Ticket holders.
TIer I        on Sale January 5th         $90   (Sold Out)
Tier II       on Sale                              $95   (Sold Out)
Tier III      on Sale March 8th           $100 (Sold Out)
Tier IV      on Sale June 1st               $110 

Giving Back: Good Music for Good Causes

In 2022/2023 we raised around $45,000 for organizations that are helping people everywhere: half of the money came from donations and merchandise sales, the other half from ticket sale revenue. Let’s make it a tradition. An option to donate to Good Music for Good Causes is added to each ticket purchase. The recipients of the money raised will once again be causes and aid groups organized by and related to our JetLAG community. Our primary focus is to raise money for humanitarian efforts around the World, including medical aid and education, immigration and migration support, transportation, evacuations, clean water, and food delivery. 

Part of the funds will be dedicated in memory of Dina Vistman, who cared deeply and worked hard for the missions close to her heart and ours: reforestation in the Amazon, neuro-oncology research, and clean oceans.

Community Appreciation Tickets:

The JetLAG Community Appreciation Ticket program offers a limited amount of tickets at a discounted price for attendees who come from lower-income backgrounds, or who have exceptional circumstances - and for whom a discount would make an impactful difference in their ability to attend the festival.


Ticket Policy:

All ticket sales are final. JetLAG Festival tickets are non-refundable. No exceptions.

JetLAG Festival is not responsible for tickets purchased from anywhere other than the official JetLAG Festival website. 

If you arrive with an invalid ticket, or if the barcode on your ticket has already been scanned, you will not be granted admittance to the festival. 

Please see our website's FAQ page if you have any questions, or if you need additional assistance, you can contact us at or by messaging our Facebook Page.