Commercial Property Insolvency: An Online Conference/Recording – Zoom

Wed 31 Jan 2024 9:45 AM - Fri 31 Jan 2025 1:00 PM GMT
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Following on from last year's very popular and well received Commercial Property Insolvency conference, this very timely half day online conference will be chaired by Rachel McCahill of Buckles Solicitors. It covers a wide range of highly topical issues in Commercial Property insolvency and will be delivered by speakers, all of whom are experts in this difficult and complex area of work. Each will present a 25 minute session on their specific topic - ranging from a property Insolvency case law update through to what insolvency practitioners need to know about  the outlook for the commercial real estate market (See below for the full list of topics)

This online conference will be streamed live, direct to your desktop, tablet or smart phone so you can watch it from your office or home. You can participate in the conference live or watch the recorded version whenever you want. In each case you will receive a free recording of the complete conference after the event.

The price for this is £240. This is a per organisation price, so up to 20 of your colleagues can participate at no extra charge, even if they are viewing it from a different location. So, of course, if there are 10 of you, for example, the cost per delegate would be just £24.

For firms with 4 or less partners the price is £99 for a single ticket

The recording is available for £129 + VAT

We have have refined the online conference concept into a highly effective training tool which is as far removed from the boring old one-hour/one speaker webinar as it is possible to be. Instead of one speaker, we have 6, who between them will deliver 7 x 25 minute sessions. By exposing our attendees to a wider variety of voices, they are in turn exposed to a wider range of ideas. Consequently, you can better get to grips with the subject, facilitate a greater understanding of the topic and keep your organisation abreast of fresh and important developments.

With this online conference, you will be able to participate with your colleagues as you want - either live, or in segments (perhaps viewing it a session at a time over several days/weeks) or on an on-demand, recorded basis. You will be able to take part by video or audio to watch or hear our panel of expert speakers cover the current hot topics, and answer or ask questions, from the comfort of your office or home.

The topics to be covered are:

An update on the outlook for the commercial property market together with relevant insolvency trends

Strategies and tips for landlords dealing with insolvent tenants

Landlord insolvency from a tenant's perspective

Navigating administrations and receiverships for commercial property

Commercial Property Insolvency case law update

CVAs and Restructuring Plans in the commercial property arena

What happens when a property situated in England & Wales is held by an offshore vehicle that is the subject of winding-up/striking off in its foreign jurisdiction?

Our Speakers:

-Rachel McCahill, Solicitor, Partner, Buckles Solicitors (Chair)

-Edward Francis, Barrister, Enterprise Chambers

-David Kelly , Head of  Restructuring and Insolvency, PwC

-Chad Monerville, MRICS, PwC - Real Estate Deals Advisory at PwC

-Oliver Caplan, 18 St John Street Chambers

-Isabel Petrie, Selbourne Chambers

Important Notes about Booking

1. If you are booking more than say 14 delegates, it is probably better to make two bookings of half the number of delegates each, starting with the paying delegate and then adding half the free delegates to that booking and then creating a new booking for the rest of the free delegates. The reason for this is that the booking platform time-out kicks in perhaps too quickly and you can lose all the information you inputted. Alternatively you can book your first delegate and send the names, job titles and email addresses of the additional delegates to us at

2. Payment can be made by credit or debit card or alternatively by invoice. The option to pay by invoice is below the pay by card option in the booking form

3. If you have more than 20 delegates then extra delegates are £20 each. Contact us at to arrange this

4. If you don't have the complete list of who will be attending you can book for those that you know will be attending and add the others at a later date

5. If you would like to submit questions in advance to the speakers please send them to

6. Please ensure that you get colleagues' email addresses entirely correct as failure to do so will probably mean that they will not receive joining instructions

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