Men's Council One Day Retreat – Beechbrae Woodland Retreat Centre

Sun 8 Sep 2024 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Mantra Men's Council


This is our introductory experience, offering you the opportunity to either start your journey of self development or deepen into an already existing path. This one day retreat combines deep transformational breathwork with transformational coaching & menswork sessions focussed around the 4 main masculine archetypes (King / Warrior / Magician / Lover).

Throughout the sessions men experience &


- Self Reflection

- Emotional Intelligence

- Exploration of Identity

- Communication skills

- Community and support


This powerful one day immersion can create shifts in perception that lead to massive changes in men's lives. We've seen them really help men realise their potential, moving from stuck and unhappy to thriving and purposeful.

WHAT TO EXPECT: *All activities are optional, we'll go as far as you're willing to go.

  • Menswork (2 x Men's Council Workshops): the main body of the day, using masculine archetypes as a guide through facilitated exercises that take us deeper in to who we are and what is holding us back.
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Breathwork
  • Embodiment Practices
  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • Self Expression
  • Sharing circles



As men sometimes we just need the space and the permission to be honest and real, so that we can process what is going on in our heads and show up better in our lives.

This retreat can provide cathartic releases and deep realisations, giving men the ability to express, explore and connect to their authenticity, values, beliefs and create meaningful change in their lives. This in turn can help us show up more in our lives with accountability using the actionable take-aways from the sessions.

This is for the men who want to feel better, live better and take ownership over how they show up. We’ll work together as men in a safe space, supporting each other to step outside our comfort zones so that we may gain the wisdom on the other side. We know that every man will get something different from this experience. Some men will shift big emotions or begin to look at the deeper parts of themselves, while others may enjoy the connection, honest discussion and accountability with like minded men. There's only one way to find out what that thing is for you!

Are you ready to find out what life is like when you let go of the things that hold you back. Are you ready to find out what you're capable of?



    • Transformational life coaching in a large group.
    • Emotional release and embodiment.
    • A deeper understanding of yourself.
    • Exploring limiting beliefs.
    • Permission to express and explore yourself fully so you can let go of the past.
    • Reset, recalibration and realignment.
    • Techniques in breathing, meditation and self-mastery.
    • Feeling of empowerment, confidence and ability to deal with challenges.
    • Connection to a network of men standing with you, providing accountability and support.


What other men say about this retreat:

"Whatever is troubling you and causing you to feel the way you do, you are not alone and everyone has similar feelings and struggles, you will meet supportive like minded men, in a setting that will make you feel safe enough to share. Come with an open heart and mind and be prepared for some powerful experiences." - COLIN

"It's not any woo woo crap. It's an experience that is one you'll wish you had done many years ago. Being honest about who you are, and discovering more about your life and your future path is priceless." - CRAIG

"Prepare to change for the better" - RYAN

"Truly transformational. I arrived at what feels like a definitive conclusion to a journey I have been on for many years. Puzzle pieces that I had been collecting and trying to make sense of fell into place." - PAUL

"This was the most thought provoking, stimulating, insightful and enjoyable day. I am left reflecting on the lessons learned on so many of the themes we covered, and on what a very decent bunch of blokes that was and well we all connected." - GARY