Companies Act Changes in the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023: What To Do Now – Zoom

Tue 19 Mar 2024 2:00 PM - Wed 19 Mar 2025 4:30 PM GMT
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All UK limited companies and their professional advisers need to prepare now for major changes to the Companies Act, and to the role and powers of Companies House, as a result of Part 1 of the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023.

The changes aim to stop UK companies (and in due course, other UK entitles such as Limited Liability Partnerships) being used to carry out or facilitate economic crime, and to make the information at Companies House more complete, accurate and reliable. As a result Companies House will change from a ‘passive recipient of information’ to a ‘much more active gatekeeper’, with significant implications for UK companies.

This two and a half hour online presentation will provide an essential update for solicitors at all levels in private practice, in-house lawyers, company secretaries and all those involved in Companies Act administration work for UK companies on the details of the changes, the implications for companies and their officers, latest indications when the changes might be introduced, where to find out more and, most importantly, what you and your clients should be doing right now as a result of the new legislation.

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The course will cover:

  • the new obligation to verify the identities of new and existing directors and ‘persons with significant control’ and the consequences of failing to do so
  • the new obligation to verify the identities of company secretaries and employees filing information for their companies at Companies House;
  • the new obligation for third party agents such as solicitors and other professional advisers to register as ‘authorised corporate service providers’ at Companies House before they can continue to file information on behalf of their company clients;
  • the new restrictions on use of corporate directors for UK companies, including in groups;
  • the new restrictions on who can be or act as a director;
  • abolition of the requirement for companies to maintain statutory registers, except for the register of members;
  • the one-off requirement to check existing shareholder details;
  • new conditions to be satisfied before an address can be used as a registered office address;
  • a new requirement for a company to notify a statutory email address;
  • the abolition of abridged and filleted accounts for small companies and micro-entities; power for Companies House to require information to be filed digitally, including accounts; and a new ‘statement of eligibility’ to be given by directors of companies;
  • the power to restrict a company from shortening its accounting reference period;
  • the new power for Companies House to cross-check information filed with it against information held by other public and private bodies, and reject it, query it or remove it from the public record unless supporting evidence is provided;
  • power for Companies House to reject or remove information that appears suspicious, fraudulent, might create a false or misleading impression or might ‘impact upon the integrity of the register’;
  • new restrictions on company names, including powers to direct existing companies to change their names;
  • extending Companies House powers to ‘suppress’ personal details filed;
  • a new power to impose civil penalties for failure to comply with a wider range of Companies Act obligations and more penalties for false statements;
  • potential increases in Companies House fees.

The course is delivered by David Impey, who specialised as a company lawyer since qualifying as a solicitor in 1984. Now a non-practising solicitor, David is a highly experienced presenter and author of a number of company law textbooks.

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