Yeah Baby! Sunshine Coast Queensland – Milford Lodge Australia 28 Gloucester Road, Buderim, QLD 4556

Sat 8 Jun 2024 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM AEST
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Yeah Baby! is a specialist conference concerned with the education and care of our infants from birth to three years of age. This one-day conference runs from 9am-3pm on a Saturday and includes trade fair, great seminar and workshops style presentations and an extra added bonus of a FREE Milford Lodge Centre tour. The format for the day ensures delegates will return to their early childhood settings affirmed and inspired with up-to-date research as well as practical advice, guidance and solutions all relevant to work and play with children under 3. New information is shared each year and each programme varies according to region.


9-10.30am: Toni Christie - Toddlers: A taxonomy of needs and rights

What do our precious toddlers need? What rights do we empower them to exercise?

When we understand the specific development, needs, and rights of these unique little humans, we can support them in their quest to better understand the world around them. Toni Christie will share research and practical examples of supporting toddlers’ needs for safety, relationships, boundaries, conflict, and resilience. She will also explore their rights to power, autonomy, nature, play and to be understood by the excellent role-models who care for and educate them with love.

10.30-11am: morning tea

11am-12.30pm:  Molly Stewart & Tyler Birch - Rockin’ the Across the Service

More than a decade after the introduction of the National Quality Framework & Standards, Early Years Learning Framework and an entirely new set of National Regulations, there are still so many Early Childhood Services stuck in the inflexibility of pre-2012.

When browsing through online Early Childhood support groups, it is not unusual to see large groups of educators calling out for the removal of what is commonly incorrectly referred to as ‘under the roof ratios’.

Across the Service is how ratios are calculated in an Early Childhood Education and Care Setting. Literally count the number of children within each age division, regardless of their homeroom, and staff accordingly. Calculations are made as though the service has no walls, doors, gates…. So why not embrace that flexibility and freedom, and remove those walls, doors and gates?

Team Milford will share their journey since 2012, through until now in 2024, where they really are ‘Rockin’ the Across the Service’ Program, Planning & Practice, allowing babies through to Kindergarten children to choose where they play, who they play with, and which key educator they choose to be with.

12.30-1.15pm: lunch and a chance to check out the trade fair

1.15-2.45pm: Robin Christie - Power and Place – Recent Thoughts on Infant and Toddler Learning Spaces

Our infant and toddler environments reflect who we are as a learning community – curious, functional, and beautiful! This lively presentation will share recent work from the Childspace Workshop in Wellington and explore the rationale behind these designs. From designing outdoor sleep spaces to the importance of indoor/ outdoor transition zones, from the role of physical symbols in emerging literacy to outdoor nappy change units - join teacher and ECE environment designer Robin Christie to find out what’s been keeping him awake at night!

2.45pm: Delegates all welcome to tour the beautiful spaces at Milford Lodge - Bonus Free Centre Tour

Family established, owned and operated since 1986, Milford Lodge is the first privately owned Early Childhood Service on the Sunshine Coast. The beautiful 100 year old colonial Queenslander is set back from Gloucester Road, surrounded by an acre and a half of all natural spaces and gardens, as well as unique cottages and buildings which compliment the main homestead. Milford Lodge holds the highest possible rating – the Excellent Rating – awarded in 2016, 2019 & in 2022.

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