Nature Writing - a day of observation and writing with Mark Cocker – Shimpling Park Farm Barns

Sat 15 Jun 2024 9:15 AM - 5:30 PM
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Mark Cocker is a multi-award-winning author and was recently described as ‘one of our greatest living naturalists’. He is also a hugely experienced tutor of writing, about which he is passionate. At Shimpling Park Farm he brings all strands together for a very special day of nature and nature writing.

The full-day’s workshop involves two separate but interlocking lessons, both of which will involve on-the-spot writing practice. Above all, we’ll explore the essential role of acute observation in all good prose. You will be encouraged to step outside into the miracle of everyday life and Shimpling Park in mid June will be in its summer pomp. We will get distracted by the wonders of its wildlife and we will focus on how to develop a synthesised understanding of what makes clear and impactful writing. This will be an extremely inspiring day but it will also be huge fun.

The workshop is suitable for both established writers and those with no published experience. What are most important are a deep sense of curiosity and a desire to observe what you may never have noticed before.


All refreshments and a good lunch will be provided.  Please let us know in advance of booking if you have any accessibility issues, allergies or dietary restrictions.  We can accommodate almost anything but are keen to be sure we can support you properly.  Our returns policy  can be found at

This workshop is preceded by an evening's immersive nature walk on 14th June 2024. Whilst the two events stand alone, the walk will defiantly enhance the workshop if you would like to do both.