The Journey and the Guide: A Practical Introduction to Buddhism (8 weeks) – Croydon Buddhist Centre

Wed 29 May 2024 7:15 PM - Wed 17 Jul 2024 9:30 PM BST
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We recommend giving £100 / £70 for this course, but please feel free to give more, less, or nothing at all!

Wednesday evenings, 29th May to 17th July, 7:15pm - 9:30pm 
Led by Mokshadarshini and Viryadeva

Suggested donation: £100 / £70 (concession) 
Open to all, regardless of experience

Have you ever got up in the morning and wondered what the point was?

Buddhism offers a deeply inspiring view of life and its meaning. It teaches that life can become a journey towards Enlightenment - the fullest potential for human beings. A state of clear awareness, overflowing positive emotion and limitless mental energy.

This path is available to anyone, regardless of race, class and identity. You don’t need to consider yourself a Buddhist, or even a spiritual person to start exploring it. If you give it a go with an open mind, you will walk away inspired.

Course overview

This eight-week course offers a radical, uncompromising vision of the possibilities latent within all of us, and practical tools to realise that vision.

The Buddhist path is a spiritual journey of growing confidence and clarity. Our lives are difficult because we are detached from reality: we hold onto things that are fleeting, we create division between ourselves and others, and try to make the world obey our wishes. However, if we learn to think and live differently, we realise there is a more meaningful way to be in the world.

This course will teach you how to start and continue on this journey towards a life more connected and courageous. It will challenge you in the best possible ways, and ask you to push yourself beyond the boundaries of a constrained life. Within eight weeks you will be able to build a strong foundation to a life more aware and connected, with the help of experienced Buddhist teachers.

This course is suitable for newcomers to Buddhism, as well as for more experienced practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of the Buddhist path. If you’ve ever wondered whether you were a Buddhist, this is the perfect course for you! It’s also a great introduction to Buddhism and meditation.

Book your place to receive guided meditation recordings and resources that will help you make the most of the course. You will get weekly home practice recommendations that will deepen your learning and help apply the teachings in your everyday life.

Course structure

Week 1: Introduction to the course

Week 2: Supports for a 'Fit Mind'

Week 3: Positive Emotion, the Stage of Action

Week 4: Relationships

Week 5: Spiritual Death: the Laws and Regularities of Life

Week 6: The View that Creates “Self”

Week 7: Spiritual Rebirth and the Imagination

Week 8: Faith, Imagination, Looking Up

Course requirements

This course is open to people new to meditation as well as experienced meditators who would like to take their practice deeper.

**We ask that everyone who books this course commits to at least 40 minutes of daily meditation practice.**

If you’re unsure whether this course is for you, do feel free to email us at Our expert team will be happy to guide you!

Course pricing

All our classes offering Buddhist teaching are by donation, because we believe that the Buddha's teachings should be freely given. We recommend a donation of £100 / £70 (concession fee) for this course, but we welcome you however much you can afford to give.

What's been said about The Journey and the Guide

“By attending the Journey and the Guide course, I found a way to simplify life and be more present. Being more conscious has led to better focus at work and more relaxed joyful relationships.” - Lisa

‘This book feels contemporary and relevant - full of situations and anecdotes that you’ll instantly recognise from your own life. But it also goes deep. Being both practical and profound, it really is what it says, “a practical course in Enlightenment”.’ - Vajragupta’s praise of Journey and the Guide book by Maitreyabandhu