Full Day Smartphone Photography Workshop – Photo Museum Ireland

Sat 31 Aug 2024 11:00 - 17:00 IST
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Photo Museum Ireland is a charity. Your support is support is critical to the development of the next generation of Irish photographers, and helps to ensure that their work is seen and appreciated both in Ireland and around the world.

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In the workshop, Brendan will walk you through how to get the most from your smartphone camera. In a series of practical exercises he will heighten your visual awareness equipping you to create more dynamic and creative compositions in your photography.

You will have the opportunity to put into practice what you are learning in a series of tasks Brendan will assign. He will give you guidelines – according to your own photographic style – of different types of photographs you can achieve. You will get personalised and individual feedback on the photographs you create. By the end of the course you will have produced several photographs to be proud of.

You will learn how to use free editing apps to fine tune your images and prepare them for sharing on social media. Brendan will also share tips and tricks on how to get your photographs to stand out on Instagram.

You will put what you have learned into practice by getting out and about in Temple Bar, Dublin’s Cultural Quarter to shoot photographs under Brendan’s guidance. After the shoot, you will return to the Museum to learn exciting post-production techniques on your own images.

There will be the opportunity to share your photographs with the like-minded photography enthusiasts in the workshop.

What will I learn?

  • Learn great tips and tricks for better composition and exposure
  • Produce a series of photographs to be proud of
  • Heighten your visual awareness and photographic literacy
  • Discover the best mobile photography apps
  • Learn how using apps can develop your own personal style of photography
  • Discover tips and tricks on how to get your work to stand out on Instagram
  • Enjoy the freedom and fun that smartphone photography offers
  • Receive personalised feedback from Brendan on your images