REVIVE! Reconnect, Rebalance, Reclaim - London – Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George’s Road, Elephant & Castle, London

Sun 21 Jul 2024 10:15 AM - 7:00 PM BST
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Emotional Release Ritual and Shamanic Breathwork Journey. Spend the whole day for a fully immersive and transformative experience. £115.00 £0.00
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Join us for a transformational day of Emotional Release and Shamanic Breathwork at REVIVE!, where you'll release built-up emotion, shed outdated beliefs that no longer serve, and surrender to your inner wisdom, allowing you to:

💜 Reconnect with your body and soul

💜 Rebalance and nourish your energy

💜 Reclaim inner parts you may have lost connection with

“Super powerful workshop - helped me release stuck & stagnant energy. I leave feeling lighter & more connected.”

"This was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had. An amazing journey going deep into your soul & cathartic release of emotions. I highly recommend this workshop for real transformation. I loved it!"

”I came feeling anxious & angry about past hurts & traumas. I ended up giving myself the compassion, love & security I was craving from the external world.”


Come and join us to:

➤ Release emotions past or present, so you can get back to feeling joyful, free and fully ALIVE!

➤ Regulate your nervous system, so your emotions have less power over you and you can face challenging situations with calm, clarity, and an open, loving heart

➤ Shed old beliefs and identities that no longer serve you, and welcome inner parts you may have lost touch with

➤ Surrender to the wisdom of your body and intuition to follow the next steps on your self-exploration and healing journey

➤ Gain clarity and insight on situations and decisions so your next steps become clear

This is for you, if:

💖 You're on a path of self-awareness and self-empowerment
💖 You want more authentic, empowered and self-aware relationships
💖 You want a deeper connection with your body, emotions and inner child - and to love yourself (even) more
💖 You're ready to embrace your next level of sovereignty, consciousness and healing
💖 You want to feel more pleasure in your body, and experience better love making and orgasms

Why Emotional Release and Shamanic Breathwork together?

Many people struggle to go inwards (yin), and I used to be the same - my busy mind kept pulling me out of my experience! Until I discovered that doing a yang practice (such as Emotional Release), helps to expel all the energy that keeps your mind busy, so it helps you have a deeper breathwork (yin) practice when paired together. It's a beautiful balance of yang and yin.

Also... if you've found that previous breathwork journeys have often involved processing a lot of emotion and you'd love a different experience, I used to feel the same! I designed REVIVE! so you can release your emotions BEFORE your breathwork journey, opening you up to the possibility of a different breathwork experience.

What previous participants say...

❤️ “A safe space full of respect & love.” - Rachel

⭐️ "My first experience in an emotional release ritual & Natalie & her team were amazing. I feel lighter & ready to continue my journey recognising & dealing with my emotions."

❤️ "I felt so deeply connected to myself like I never have before."

⭐️ “I’ve been holding so much grief, sadness & anger in my body & I finally I feel free of it. I feel lighter, calmer & clearer. Everyone should do this as part of a self care routine.”

❤️ "It surprised me how deep I was able to go. I felt very well supported & held. Highly recommend." - Elena

⭐️ "One of the best ways to release unwanted emotions & feel lighter."

❤️ "Incredible personal & shared spiritual journey." - Rachel

⭐️ "This workshop is a totally safe space to release emotions & connect with our essence & authenticity. I love how we can take these tools with us & use them in our daily life."

❤️ "I felt supported, encouraged & safe to express."

⭐️ "The ritual helped me soften to some dark parts in my family's history that had had consequences for 3 generations." - Peter

❤️ "The best way to manage stress/emotions safely without hurting others, especially your loved ones!"

What will we do?

THE AWAKENING: Emotional Release Ritual

10:15am - 1:30pm

After a ceremonial opening circle, group sharing, and expert guidance on how to use the tools, you'll be invited to move your emotions with the use of breath, sound, and movement.

This is a cathartic Emotional Release Ritual, where you're invited to feel, express and release whatever is alive in you on the day and ready to be moved.

Supported by the use of loud chakra-attuned music, this ritual provides a welcoming space for all emotions and a great physcial workout too.

You'll open the pathway to feeling lighter, fresher, and freer on the other side

✅ Release old emotions, connect with your body and learn to love/accept yourself more
✅ Regulate your emotions and nervous system, so you can show up with greater authenticity
✅ Work through challenging situations to gain clarity and inner peace

You'll also deepen your connection to your body, connect with more authenticity, and learn greater self-love by holding space for ALL OF YOU and being with your emotions, so you can let energy move through you, rather than get stuck.


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Grounding and Break for lunch

Showers should also be available if you wish to freshen up.

THE DEEPENING: Shamanic Breathwork Journey

2:45pm - 7pm

Reforming after lunch with a ceremonial circle and sharing, you'll be guided through an embodiment journey to connect with your subconscious and the 4 elements in nature before using a conscious connected breath technique to journey deeper into your body, subconscious and soul to release what no longer serves and call in that which you wish to receive.

After the Shamanic Breathwork journey, you'll be invited to express on paper whatever wants to be remembered and integrated from your journies, with support from Natalie and the team.

We'll end with further integration and grounding practices before closing.

This experience will invite you to:

✅ Surrender to the wisdom of your body, soul and inner healer - and shed old identities and beliefs
✅ Connect with lost parts of yourself, receive messages of wisdom, or perhaps visit your ancestors, past lives or the unseen realms
✅ Feel more empowered and awaken more sensations and pleasure in your body - opening the gateway to better sex and orgasms

Plus...! ★ Improves digestion ★ Detoxifies body ★ Boosts immune system ★ Reduces anxiety and stress ★ Releases past trauma ★ Balances nervous system ★ Aides relaxation and restful sleep ★ Improves clarity and focus ★ Helps you feel more connected to yourself and others ★ Connects you to your higher self, wise elder and inner healer

You'll take yourself on a journey to know your inner world more intimately and deepen your connection with your body, heart and soul.

We close at 7pm - it is recommended you have a gentle evening, with an invitation to take yourself out for dinner on a self-date or enjoy a movie at home on your sofa in comfy clothes.

If you'd love to:

👉 Know that simply being you is enough;
👉 Feel confident to make your dreams a reality and create the life you desire;
👉 Trust your body and intuition to guide you

🎉 Create happier, healthier,more empowered relationships
🎉 Love and accept all parts of yourself
🎉 Engage your heart and soul as trusted advisors who contribute to guiding you in everyday life

...You're in the right place!


➤ Enjoy the intimacy and safety of journeying in deeply held and healing space
➤ Allow my experienced team and I to guide and support you
➤ Let the group energy help you go deeper, overcome resistance, and feel less alone in your experience
➤ Make as much noise as you like - no need to worry about neighbours or family complaining!
➤ Leave feeling refreshed, lighter and more connected to you body and soul

We are super excited to welcome you!

When and where?

Sunday, 21st July
10:15am - 7pm

Your next steps

👉 Places are limited. Book now to secure your spot!

~ ~ ~


What is an Emotional Release Ritual?

A beautiful group of beings gather to honour and cleanse their bodies of stagnant energy, stored emotions and dis-ease causing suppressions. This powerful ritual space will support you in letting go of what no longer serves your highest good and whatever may be holding you back in life, love or work, so you can leave feeling lighter, freer and with renewed zest for life!

This practice originated from the work of ISTA - International School of Temple Arts. Natalie is a graduate of the ISTA Practitioners Training and is qualified to teach this practice. You can get a preview of the techniques I will teach here.

Come and release your woes!


"I arrived feeling as though I was carrying the burdens of the world in my chest. I found the tools highly effective and left feeling a lot of relief. Essential self care for everyone"

"The emotional release workshop was both fun and profound at the same time, leaving me feeling light and in a better place at the end of the evening. Highly recommended!" - Steve

"A really useful, well-held and immensely safe space to learn about healthy moving and expressing emotions through the body"

"Doing these tools made such difference to my state of being"

"I loved the music and the energy. The tantrum tool felt amazing"

"This is the only place I’ve experienced such a level of emotional honesty and physical release in such a highly skilled and lead group. Everyone should do this - and often. The world would be more peaceful and balanced if this were taught in schools" - Ebony, Doula

Benefits of Emotional Release

★ Suitable for anyone seeking tools for everyday emotional balance^. No prior experience needed - curiosity and openness are the only admission criteria! (^ Please see contra-indications below for some symptoms these tools are not suitable for).

★ Natalie Ford is experienced in Emotional Release practice and rituals; holding deep, safe containers for participants to journey whilst clearing their channel of emotions.

★ This potent group ritual clears emotional energies from the body on many levels. You will notice a difference within your physical and emotional bodies, your energetic connections with others, and your intimate relationship with yourself.

★ Your participation contributes to collective shifting of consciousness! Imagine a world where children are no longer told to "Stop crying!" when upset or "Be quiet!" when angry. Where their full range of emotional expressions are welcomed, accepted and acknowledged whilst the uniqueness of their being is celebrated. Imagine what a difference that would've made to your sense of being enough, worthiness, and value had you been gifted that experience. Let's gift this reality to the children of the future!

★ You decide how deep you wish to dive into the process. All emotions and all levels of intensity are welcome. We celebrate ALL emotions as healthy manifestations of aliveness. You will be at choice throughout the entire ritual and your boundaries will be fully honoured.

What is Shamanic Breathwork®?

Shamanic Breathwork® is a powerful way to access suppressed emotions and energy held in the body, that are ready to be felt, expressed and released.

Through use of a continuous breath cycle, chakra-attuned music and a shamanic container, you can connect to your subconscious, where unexpressed emotion and incomplete energy cycles reside, and whatever is ready to be healed will rise for you to release through breath, sound and movement. At all times, you are in control of how deep you go and you can 'come back' by returning to your breath usual.

The intention behind this work is to peek inside our subconscious to see what is booking and what needs attention. To get to know ourselves on a deep and intimate level. Regular Breathwork can help us heal unresolved past wounds.

Benefits of Shamanic Breathwork

★ Re-oxygenates your body
★ Massages your organs through increased diaphragm movement
★ Stimulates blood flow to all parts of the body
★ Improves digestion
★ Detoxifies your body
★ Boosts your immune system
★ Activates your parasympathetic nervous system
★ Can help manage pain
★ Reduces anxiety and stress
★ Supports positive mental health
★ May help with depression
★ Releases past trauma
★ Balances your nervous system
★ Aides your relaxation and restful sleep
★ Improves your clarity and focus
★ Releases you from the past
★ Helps you feel more connected to yourself and others
★ Connects you to your higher self, wise elder and inner healer


"I am deeply grateful. I was able to truly release + find a new fire return from my session with Natalie!"

"A beautiful safe space that opens you up to empty the old and invite the new 💜"

"Breathwork is one of the very few tools I know that help me learn to get more into my body and allow access to blocked emotions. It's a gentle method but bit by bit breathwork can help accept ourselves and life as it is and has been - and thus reintegrate parts we had rejected."

"I was a total beginner. Natalie explained it very clearly. It proved to be a spiritual experience for me with full-body sensations, emotional release and some powerful realisations. I’d recommend allowing Natalie to guide you through your first Shamanic Breathwork experience."

"I got so much out of my session and feel a lot better than I have in a while. I’ve been to way too many breathwork sessions before where there isn’t enough chance to share, decompress and reflect on the huge journey you’ve been on and I’ve always felt something was missing. I think Natalie hit the nail on the head with the balance of breathwork time and reflection time. It’s my favourite breathwork session I’ve done in London."

"Natalie holds a very beautiful warm space where you are supported to feel everything you need to in order to realise heavy energy. I enjoyed the whole session. And it was the first time I put my energy on paper; I loved to let the mind go and just drew what I saw in my meditations and what it came to me at that time. It was a beautiful experience!"

"If you feel as though you find it hard to let go of things, have trapped emotions, and need a release from your own mind, come to one of Natalie's breathworks. Open yourself up to the possibility of feeling lighter and like there is more clarity in your life."

"I found this event to be a completely safe and accepting space in which to do this work. Natalie is a great and caring teacher. I benefitted hugely from this event and would highly recommend it."

Workshop Intensity

This is a medium-high intensity workshop that will intentionally bring up and release emotions stored in your body. Natalie will support and guide you in a loving way through any challenges. You will feel supported and held. This is a judgement-free space where all emotions are welcome. You are welcome exactly as you are ♥

Inclusivity Commitment

This event aims to be inclusive of all beings. I commit to adapting my language, processes and space as much as possible to warmly welcome and honour your uniqueness. For example, techniques can be adapted to suit your body’s capacity and I offer a shared decision making process regarding whether this event will benefit or be a risk to your mental health needs.



Please make me fully aware of any physical limitations, injuries or recent surgery, so I can support you fully.

Emotional / Mental:

1) If you’ve been experiencing involuntary thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please message me and let me know what’s happening for you, including who is supporting you and - if you attend this event - what your plans are for taking care of yourself afterwards.

2) If, in the last 5 years, you have experienced:

* Feeling disconnected from reality
* Fearful of persecution and attack from unknown others
* Preoccupation with having to protect yourself from persecution and attack from a specific person or group
* Hearing, seeing or feeling things that other people can’t sense
* Flashbacks of previous events
* Active planning to commit suicide
* Self-harming to the point of needing medical care

Please contact me so we can have chat about what this event will entail and how that might affect you. My aim is to be as inclusive as possible, so please share with me openly and honestly your situation. If we jointly decide with you that a group environment is not suitable, I offer one-to-one breathwork sessions, which may be more supportive for you.

What To Bring

The Awakening:

1 x Cushion or Pillow

1 x Medium Towel

1 x Water Bottle

The Deepening:

1 x Cushion or Pillow

1 x Bed Sheet or Large Towel

1 x Blanket

1 x Water Bottle

1 x Notebook + Pen

What To Wear

* Layered clothing that lets you move freely (dance / sport / yoga clothes)
* Please remove all jewellery (earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and watches)

Pre-event Care

Do not fast, intoxicate yourself or take any mind-altering substances for 24 hours before the event.

Post-event Care

Drink lots of water, eat grounding food and have a quiet and restful evening. Make extra time to journal your thoughts and awareness and try to connect with nature in the following days.


REVIVE! (Full day) - £110

Only The Awakening (Emotional Release Ritual) - £49

Only The Deepening (Shamanic Breathwork Journey) - £65

About The Facilitator


Natalie Ford is a trained Emotional Release Practitioner and Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. She is also a double award-winning Dating & Relationship coach, with a passion for Authenticity, Empowerment, Love & Soul-led Business. Natalie connects you to your inner wisdom and innate power, using an integrated blend of tools to align body, mind and soul. She promotes a deeper connection to your body, increased self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-belief and self-trust. Natalie is renowned for creating a safe, supportive and shame-free space for people to explore living more fully and authentically.

Refund Policy

No refunds are offered, but you are welcome to sell your ticket to someone else if you can no longer make it. They will need to complete the health history questions, so please let us know in good time if this is necessary.