Sausage Making Class – Walden Local Butcher Shop

Thu Jun 27, 2024 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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Class Type: Hands on
Take Home: All the sausage you make (3-4lbs)!

Come meet our team and learn how to make your own sausages from our pasture-raised pork! This hands on class at our downtown butcher shop will teach you everything you need to know! Alcohol will be offered to all attendees over 21 years old (includes 3-4 different varieties of beer and wine) as well as water. Class sizes are limited to 6 attendees.

Whole animal butchery is grounded in the idea of using every last bit of the animal (that is edible) in order to fully honor the animal we are preparing. Sausage making is a fundamental part of this practice! Through the process of trimming, seasoning, grinding, mixing, and stuffing, a skilled butcher can turn under-utilized pieces of pork into a prized delicacy. When creating sausage with your own hands, there is no reason to wonder (or hide) how the sausage gets made!

During this hands-on class, each participant will get to know this tradition. We will be discussing:

Tools and Technics

  • Types of sausage casings
  • Types of dyes and blades
  • Twine
  • Stuffing sausage
  • Grinding
  • Sausage poking

Basics of Sausage

  • What it is and why make it
  • Types and styles (course vs fine, loose vs springy)
  • Muscle structure (tender vs tough, why use pork)
  • Types of fats (why use one and not the other)
  • Emulsifications (and temperature)

Each member of the class will be:

  • Seasoning meat (pre-cut by our butcher staff) by hand
  • Using a grinder
  • Emulsifying their own sausage by hand
  • Using a sausage stuffer to “case” (putting the ground meat into a pork intestine) their emulsified pork mix
  • Linking and tying there cased sausages into recognizable sausage links

All events are at our Butcher Shop in Boston’s South End, at 316 Shawmut Avenue. s