Summer Fairy Training at The Fairy House: Birthday Visits. – The Fairy House

Sat 3 Aug 2024 9:15 AM - 4:30 PM
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Birthday Visit 9.30am-10.30am (Entry 9.15am)

This private booking includes up to 6 children. £279.00 £0.75

Birthday Visit. 11.15am-12.15pm (Entry 11am)

This private booking includes up to 6 children. £279.00 £0.75

Birthday Visit. 1.45pm-2.45pm (Entry 1.30pm)

This private booking includes up to 6 children. £279.00 £0.75

Birthday Visit. 3.30pm-4.30pm (Entry 3.15pm)

This private booking includes up to 6 children. £279.00 £0.75

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A Fairy Birthday Visit is a very special day; the day when you become a fairy.

It doesn't have to be your actual human Birthday for you to be a 'Birthday Fairy' at The Fairy House. Your Fairy Birthday can be anytime you would like to celebrate you! 

Enjoy The Fairy House all to yourselves as you journey on a magical Fairy Training adventure with your friends, exploring the fairies' home and perfecting your fairy skills!

Summer at The Fairy House is a time for Fairies in Training to learn about the enchanting world of dreams! Sunshine, Water, Star & Rainbow elements will help to power these dreams and encourage little fairies that anything is possible if you believe in your dreams. Skip along the Fairy Garden path & throw a penny in the Wishing Well as you wait for the Fairy Door to open...

If you're lucky you might see a flicker or flash through the curtains as a tiny fairy flies through one of the hundred's of lights which bring the Fairy House to life!


Before the day..

The experience starts before the day when the Birthday Fairy receives a beautiful parcel in the mail inviting them to The Fairy House! Tucked inside are handmade invitations to send out with a little fairy training booklet for each friend, plus some secret envelopes for the Birthday Fairy to count down a week before their visit! They reveal all kind of wondrous things; you'll be able to learn a spell, hear songs, read a fairy story and look after a Fairy Key in preparation for your visit!

The invitations & booklet design changes with the Fairy House seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Christmas



What happens during your visit...

On your Fairy Birthday Visit you'll be greeted at the Fairy Door by a real life fairy who can't wait to meet you! They'll become your Fairy Teacher & let you in on the secret of your fairy mission...


Being a Fairy in Training is very exciting work! You and your friends will be given your own wings and wand to keep! These will help you to dance, sing & explore your way around The Fairy House whilst a fairy brings a magical story to life. The house comes alive with the glow of 100's of flickering lights above your head and dreamy music fills the air, composed by the fairies themselves! During your fairy training; you'll uncover hidden treasures, make a craft to keep, learn how to use a wand, and help the fairies with their potions or spells! The fairies have challenges for humans small and big, encouraging team work and friendship, all they need is for you to believe in magic!

The Fairy House changes with the Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Christmas seasons as does the Fairy Training Adventure (story & activities) the children will do at their Birthday Visit.



Singing Happy Birthday & Fairy Cookies...

A miniature Fairy House appears as we sing Happy Fairy Birthday, the Birthday Fairy make a wish & blows out the candle. A wave of a magic wand over the little house and it opens up to reveal Fairy House iced cookies inside! The children will each take one home with their other gifts! **Cookies are Vegan recipe and nut free**


 To take home from your visit

The perfect reward for helping the fairies with their magic is a special handmade gift to treasure! Every child will take home their wings, a wand, their craft, a Fairy House gift bag & a Fairy iced cookie

The Birthday Fairy will also receive a handmade Fairy Queen or Fairy King crown. **If there is no Birthday child and the Visit has been booked for a Special Fairy Visit instead, all the children will receive and extra little gift inside their gift bag instead of one crown**



Fairy Shop
Our Fairy Shop has some delightful gifts, many are handmade and unique to The Fairy House! It will be open for shopping after your visit. We accept both human money- (Card only) and Fairy Money. Fairy money is the Fairy Houses' own special currency and can be purchased with your booking to be sent out with the your invitation parcel. Fairy Money unlocks special prices on our shop items.

The Fairy House changes with Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn &. Christmas seasons, as does the Fairy Training Adventure (story & activities) the children will do at their Birthday Visit.


- Select the time you would like to book.

Booking information. Please read carefully before booking:

- Birthday Visits are a fixed price for up to 6 children in total. It is strictly not possible to add more children. Our policy must remain the same and fair for everyone who books with us, we can not make an exception to this. 

Not all 6 children's spaces need to be filled, this can be a very personal and special visit for 1 lucky child!

- All children age 1+ need to be included in the 6 children. (Under 1's can observe free of charge but will not have an invite, craft or gifts included, please include them if you would like them to receive these).

- We recommend the visit is best or children age 2 upwards due to the level of interactivity. There is no upper age limit for children, just a belief in fairies and magic!

- There must be at least one supervising adult present with the group of children at all times.
We know that grown-ups love a bit of magic too! Adults who stay will journey through the house with the children to watch the activities.

Fairy Tip! If you're comfortable supervising your group, from experience we recommend that the fewer adults that stay the better the experience will be by far for the little fairies in training. (So long as the child is comfortable being left!). Fairy Training takes place in the form of an immersive and interactive show. There is A LOT of magic to take in and sounds to listen out for around the rooms that drive the story. Chatter in the back ground means these moments can be missed, or not fully taken in. The children may then become less engaged in the story and overhearing 'human things' being talked about in the same room can really take them out of the fairytale world they've just been immersed into. We really want this to be the most special experience it can be for your little ones and for you to experience it at its' fullest :)
- If more adults are staying, we just kindly ask that you respect the magic and refrain from talking during the experience. We encourage you to take photos and participate by cheering if the children create more magic or do well at a challenge etc or even joining in with!

- Children 1yr+ require a ticket, under 1's can observe at no charge but must be fully supervised at all times.

- The Fairy House is an indoor setting where you will enter through our little fairy garden.

**You can share a Fairy Birthday with a friend or sibling! ** On the checkout page you will be able to enter both Birthday children's details and addresses if applicable. There is an additional £25 charge for a joint Birthday as both Birthday Fairies will receive a Fairy Parcel with letters to open in countdown to the day and a handmade Fairy Queen/King crown. **The numbers for a joint Birthday will then be 2 Birthday children plus up to 4 guests**

Fairy Training Birthday Visits are a 1 hour immersive adventure of activities with an additional 15 minutes welcome time at the start to settle in, meet their fairy and get ready with their wings and names badges. A lot of magic happens in the additional 15 minutes, please arrive on time for this to enjoy the experience to its' fullest!

This is an activity based experience in the form of an interactive show. Food/drink is not served but the children will be awarded a fairy House iced biscuit (vegan recipe) to take home!- see the 'Singing Happy Birthday & cookies section In the description to see how we incorporate this into the magic :)

Please note that we can not accommodate food or cake in to this experience.

There are some delightful cafes and restaurants nearby if you're looking to spend more time in our local area. You can see suggestions on our Q & A page

 Please be sure to select the correct date when booking.

Birthday Visits are non-refundable outside of a 5 day grace period.

Please read our full Terms & Conditions of booking and cancellation policy before booking.

**Please note that The Fairy House rooms are divided by stairs. Due to the structure of the building, this experience is not wheelchair or pushchair accessible. Please only bring pushchairs when completely necessary as space is very limited. Please contact the Fairy House directly if you require an experience designed for a guest who uses a wheelchair. Immersive sound and lighting of a flashing nature is featured in this experience**