Aibunawa: Floor Play with Rope – Yūgen Studio

Sat 21 Sep 2024 10:00 AM - Sun 22 Sep 2024 5:00 PM
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"To draw out your partner's true shame and submission, tie while sitting.
When sitting close to one another, your relationship is richer and more complex than when standing.
Sure, it's more difficult to tie when sitting, but it's also more interesting."

Yukimura Haruki

The workshop

Aibunawa, the “caressing rope” of Yukimura Haruki, allows for exploration of the s****al and e***ic potential of shibari in an intimate floor-based practice. The style emphasizes attention and intention rather than hard technical skills.
We will learn fundamental movements and body handling techniques, the use of a single rope as a tool to know our partner better, and common exercises and patterns.
Participants should leave the workshops with new tools to be able to play with / in ropes while seated, and to explore pleasure, shame and exposure together.
The person tying should be familiar / comfortable with a single-column tie.
While this may not be comfortable in a workshop setting, clothing which allows for exposure of the person in ropes can enhance the experience for both participants.


Requirements: 5-6 ropes, 7-8 meters long, preferably 5mm or less

The teacher

Stuart started his journey into ropes in 2014, and spent several eager years studying with a variety of teachers, learning a lot yet not finding his own voice in rope.
In recent years he focused on Naka-style semenawa, and later on aibunawa, or Yukimura-ryu.
These days, he ties aibunawa with one hand and semenawa with the other, yet ties with both hands- incorporating aspects of each style into rope sessions.