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Low Carb International All Stars - Online Conference - access to recorded content image

Low Carb All Stars Online Conference streamed on 20th June 2020. Recorded video of all conference content is now available until 31st August, 2020.

A stellar line up of presenters included: Professor Timothy Noakes, Professor Robert Lustig, Dr David Unwin, Ivor Cummins, Professor Ben Bikman, Amber O'Hearn, Dr Paul Mason, Dr Sarah Hallberg, Dr Ken Berry, Professor Thomas Seyfried, Paul Saladino and Dave Feldman. 

Three Q+A sessions were also recorded, including guest appearances by Dr Gary Fettke and Dr Rod Taylor. Short commentaries on presentations are also provided by Professor Peter Brukner and Dr Paul Mason.

Professor Tim Noakes - The Cholesterol Hypothesis: 10 Key Ideas that the diet dictators have hidden from us: Parts 1-10.

Dr Paul Mason - Treating and preventing dementia - how diet can work when drugs fail.

Dr Ken Berry - How to predict Type 2 diabetes

Ivor Cummins - Atherosclerosis and LDL - inside out, or outside in?

Dave Feldman - NEW Preliminary NHANES data and analysis

Professor Ben Bikman - Insulin at the centre - a new/old paradigm for metabolic syndrome

Professor Robert Lustig - The three faces of metabolic syndrome

Dr David Unwin - Beating Type 2 diabetes into remission + BONUS Low carb and off insulin (a patient story)

Amber O’Hearn - The Lipivore : What is fat for?

Professor Thomas Seyfried - Cancer as a Metabolic disease: implications for novel therapies

Dr Sarah Hallberg - You are NOT what you eat

Dr Paul Saladino - Debunking the carnivore diet

Q+A - Stream 1 : Professor Timothy Noakes, Dr Gary Fettke, Dr Rod Taylor, Dr Paul Mason - moderator Dr Doron Sher 

Q+A - Stream 2 : Dr Ken Berry, Ivor Cummins, Amber O'Hearn, Dr David Unwin - moderator Dr Doron Sher

Q+A - Stream 3 : Professor Ben Bikman (moderator and participant), Professor Robert Lustig, Professor Thomas Seyfried, Dave Feldman, Dr Sarah Hallberg

Discussion with Professor Tim Noakes, Professor Peter Brukner and Dr Paul Mason