Mindful Recovery – Breathing Space London

Sat 3 Aug 2024 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
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Mindful Recovery

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Our Mindfulness based Addiction Recovery programme has helped hundreds of people free themselves of unhealthy habits. Whether this is a cycle of workaholism, sugar cravings, or you need a digital break but can’t stop checking your phone; Mindful Recovery will help free you from unhelpful patterns of behaviour. 

Mindfulness Based Recovery is based on 3 key principles which build cumulatively over 6 weeks of the course. First, we develop awareness of our thoughts, feelings, emotions. Secondly, we learn to be with difficulty rather than resorting to an unhealthy habit or addiction. Third, we learn to make wiser choices, and take back control of our lives. We learn to watch out for the triggers to our addictive behaviours before they get too strong, and give ourselves a fuller, richer life. 

This course is suitable for those experiencing unhealthy habits, compulsions and addictions. It is not suitable if you are in early stage withdrawal or you are in active addiction from substance abuse. Please email info@breathingspacelondon.org.uk if you need to check if this course is for you. 

The programme was founded by Breathing Space founder: Dr Paramabandhu Groves, a former NHS consultant psychiatrist; and Recovery Trainer and Therapist Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John. 

Co led by Danadhara and Caro.

The course includes a free copy of Paramabandhu and Vimalasara’s 8 Step Recovery Book.