Lucy Rees At Northumberland College – Northumberland college

Mon 24 Jun 2024 9:30 AM - Tue 25 Jun 2024 5:00 PM BST
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2 Day Ticket (Sold Out)
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Attendance for both days, 24th & 25th June 2024.
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Attendance of the theory day only on the 24th June £75.00 £0.00 Unavailable

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The world renowned equine ethologist and horse trainer Lucy Rees is coming to Northumberland College!

As Lucy rarely visits to the UK this two day workshop will be a very special opportunity.

Lucy has devoted a lifetime to studying wild and feral living horses across the world. Through this work she has become one of the leading experts on horse behaviour and will be sharing her insightful and comprehensive findings during the course of the day.

She has travelled and worked in many countries and equestrian disciplines discovering the easiest, most universally applicable and successful ways of understanding and working with horses.

Her ethos is: “The study of feral horse behaviour is the basis for understanding why domestic horses behave as they do and whether we are treating them appropriately. We have a lot to learn, not just about them but from them. Inside every domestic horse is a feral one with the same certainty about how life should be lived.”

To understand an animal's nature you have to see it in its natural state"

Day 1 - Theory Based Lecture day
Day 2 - Practical and demo with spectator places only.

Tea, coffee and lunch provided.
You can book for both days OR theory day 1 only.