Ticketing for yoga classes – Zoom

Sat 29 Nov 2025 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM GMT
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This is a demo event to show how you can use Ticket Tailor for selling tickets online for yoga, or any other type of fitness class

With Ticket Tailor, you have the option to:

  • Allow customers to buy a ticket for an in-person session
  • Allow your class to reserve their spot in an online session (free or paid)
  • Allow your class to make a donation as part of their reservation

Our features make it simple to sell tickets for your event:

  • Embed the order form directly into your website
  • Compatible with Facebook, so your customers can purchase directly from your page
  • Mobile friendly design – customers can easily reserve their spot on the go
  • And much more

Ticket Tailor as an alternative to Eventbrite:

  • Our prices are the lowest out there – and we only take a flat fee per ticket
  • We don't hold any funds, everything goes through either Stripe or Paypal so you can get paid as soon as you sell a ticket
  • We offer round the clock customer support with a satisfaction rating of over 90%
  • We have flexible pricing plans, and there are no contracts. Choose what works for you – pay as you go, or a monthly flat fee
  • We’re totally independent, which means we only have to answer to our customers (who have lots of nice things to say)

Learn more about selling tickets online with Ticket Tailor:

✻ How to create an event
✻ How to use Stripe for payment processing
✻ How to manage ticket types and groups
✻ How to export your order information