The Kegworth Codgers Midweek Challenge – The Kegworth Hotel & Conference Centre

Tue 1 Oct 2024 9:30 AM - Wed 2 Oct 2024 4:30 PM
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Subtotal 0.00 in association with the (self-proclaimed) People's Champion are delighted to introduce the first ever edition of The Kegworth Codgers Midweek Challenge L'Art de la Guerre Competition.

Yes, we have decided to embrace the ongoing demographic shifts sweeping gently through the world of Ancient Wargaming, and run a competition during the week, making it an idea opportunity for the retirees, part-timers, and those with far too much holiday allowance on their hands to play some ADLG without having to eat into any more of their weekends (which of course are better spent with loved ones / watching sport) (delete as appropriate).

The venue is The Kegworth Hotel & Conference Centre, which is perfectly located just moments from the M1 Junction 24 in a quaint and historic Leicestershire village. 

The origins of Kegworth go back to the times of the Romans and before, as the site of the village once lay in the territory of the Coritani (or Corieltauvi), one of the most powerful Ancient British tribes.  Anglo-Saxon burial sites have also been found nearby, with the name it now bears, "Kegworth", coming from a mix of Danish and old English, meaning the "worth" or "enclosure" of a man named Kaggi, the Danish for redbeard. Recorded in the Domesday Book as being held by Earl Harold Godwin, the last of the Saxon kings, Kegworth then was given to Earl Hugh of Chester by William the Conqueror after the Battle of Hastings. After the Royalists defeated Simon de Montfort in the Second Barons' War in 1265, the Earl of Gloucester was gifted land in the area, which included the parish of Kegworth.

Kegworth has always prospered from its advantageous location placing it firmly on many trade routes, starting with the Fosse Way as part of the Roman road network, which together with river traffic helped move produce from nearby farms (and legionaries) around the country. Later on the growth of the Midlands as a centre for textiles was facilitated by use of the railway and canals, and in more modern times light industry and midweek ancient wargamers can make great use of the motorways and (perhaps?) east Midlands International airport too.

Being a busy historic market town and road crossroads means the town also has enough pubs for you to all easily be able to avoid any particularly gnarly opponents you may have faced earlier in the day, but most importantly the fact The Kegworth Hotel & Conference Centre is perhaps a little more "East Midlands-based Underlay Wholesaler's quarterly sales meeting venue" rather than "Where the Leaders of the G7 Nations choose to stay when attending Davos.." means it is an absolutely perfect hotel venue for a wargames "non-weekend" event in location, facilities - and of course cost too.

Having deeply researched the extensive history of Kegworth and then lazily cut and pasted it from Wikipedia onto this page also means we've got an abundance of hooks on which to hang a theme for the event both in this inaugural year, and then to ring the changes in future too.  


With loads of history to choose from, to start with in 2024 we are hanging our hat on Kegworth's great transport links and proximity to the Fosse Way, and going with a Roman Roads theme of "armies valid in the period when the Romans were building roads across the Britain, 43-407AD". 

The event will be played in 15mm, with all the usual standard rules, any FAQ extant at the time and that general sort of malarkey. Lists to by the 20th September please.


The format will be civilized and sympathetic to those of advancing years, or put another way the timings will be a bt later than usual:


  • 09:30-12:00
  • 13:00-15:30
  • 15:45-18:15


  • 10:00-12:30
  • 13:30-16:00

We will be looking to sort out some sort of lunch deal with the hotel for both days of the event - details to follow. 

Onsite Accommodation Deal: 

You are politely encouraged to book rooms in the venue hotel, on the basis that they have offered us some really great rates, the more of us stay there the happier they will be to welcome us back in future, and also as it just makes it easier for us to round up anyone who might have spent too long in the onsite bar on Monday or Tuesday night.

The booking code to use on the Kegworth Hotel and Conference Centre website is: "BHGS"

If you use this code then you will be able to secure room rates for Monday and Tuesday evenings of just:

  • £55 single
  • £70 double
  • Breakfast at £10 extra

Venue Address:

The Kegworth Hotel & Conference Centre
Packington Hill, Kegworth, DE74 2DF
Tel: +44 (0) 1509 672 427