Ayurvedic Cookery Day

Sat 6 Jul 2024 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Saturday 6th July 10am – 4pm
At a Private venue (details sent on booking), Torquay, Devon

At the heart of Ayurveda is the food we eat. What we put into our body and the way in which this is done creates our body tissues and cells, produces our energy, can change our mood and can either create health or disease.

Focus on your digestive fire (Agni) and how to prevent build up of toxins (ama).
Learn about this approach to food and the theory behind this ancient art.
Find out how to balance food using the Ayurvedic principle of the six tastes.

This day will focus specifically on protein sources, nuts, seeds, pulses and tofu type products as well as delicious salads and summer foods with an Ayurvedic focus.

Arriving ready to begin the day at 10am we will have an introductory chat with Ayurvedic tea before an interactive cookery demonstration, as we prepare a delicious and healthy three course Ayurvedic lunch.
All food offered will be locally sourced, organic and seasonal.


Below is a menu for the day (subject to availability of seasonal ingredients), this will be our lunch.
This menu focuses on vegetable proteins as well as foods that could be served at a group gathering or summer party

Fresh mint tea
Berry pot


Tofu sesame salad with seasonal greens
Tempeh ‘steaks’
Spiralised salad with hempseed mustard mayo
Beetroot humus
Root veg wedges
Summer caesar hazelnut salad with an healthy twist
Green tea salad

No cheese (with cashews) raw pistachio and lime cake


The cost of this whole day workshop is £65
This includes handouts (via email), tea, snacks and a 3 course lunch