Introduction to Gift Aid – Zoom

Wed 31 Jul 2024 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM BST
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Gift Aid specialist Barry Gower, MD of GAIN, presents an "Introduction to Gift Aid", a 90 minute live online course that provides practical, informed advice for charities on how they can make the most of Gift Aid to boost their income. 

Gift Aid lets many donors increase the value of their donations to charity at no cost to themselves. It could be generating millions more of income for charities each year, but many charities are wary of claiming it for fear of getting it wrong and being penalised. Others avoid it because they consider it too time-consuming to manage. 

Barry's course is designed to dispel those concerns and explain how almost any charity can boost income from Gift Aid. 

How much do you know and understand about Gift Aid? Do you know the answers to questions like these? 

• What are the three types of Gift Aid declaration? 

• How far back can Gift Aid be claimed on donations? 

• How to make a Gift Aid claim? 

Barry Gower will give you the confidence to understand all the details you need to know to make the most of Gift Aid. 

The course will be delivered via Zoom. Delegates will receive a copy of the slides. 

What is Gift Aid and how it works, and how to make a claim 

• Introduction

• What is Gift Aid - overview

• The reasons for Gift Aid

• What is Gift Aid in more detail 

• Which donations qualify for Gift Aid? 

• How it works

• HMRC's need to avoid fraud 

• How to make a Gift Aid claim


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What delegates say





“I saw Barry speak at last year’s Blackbaud Conference in London and found him to be an engaging speaker, who clearly had a deep understanding of his work. We are in the business planning phase here at Sense and I am looking to schedule a mock audit in the summer of 2021."

James Dungate
Head of Engagement Operations
20 November 2020

This talk was amazing! I learned so much from this, I'm so pleased it was recorded as I managed to take so many notes. The speaker was fantastic and you could really see his passion in this area. I emailed after and he responded immediately and was so helpful. This has been the best talk, Im actually excited to get back to sorting my donors gift aid!"

Overall feedback: 4.53 out of 5. "Any score above 4.5 (out of 5) counts as a stellar speaker score with CASE and is an indicator of a great session."

Delegate at CASE Development Services conference, March 2021

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