Songs of the Folk - Live at The Folk - £12.50 – The Folk of Gloucester

Fri 19 Jul 2024 19:00 - 22:30
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Every penny raised goes towards the upkeep of the Folk, enabling us to open this fantastic building for the community and bring more fantastic live music to Gloucester.

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Songs of the Folk are seasoned performers who perform original American Folk Blues songs that harken back to roots music from the American South as well as Folk Revival artists of the Northeastern US. Formed by husband and wife A.T. and Lauren Cason, they aim to preserve the genre, as well as add to it, and their passion and joy for sharing their songs live is palpable. Crowding around condenser mics to perform sets of songs that boast lyrical intrigue and musical variety, the two voices weave in, out, and around each other, supported by A.T.’s own brand of fingerstyle played on his 1935 Gibson, which all contribute to a quintessential, yet new American Folk sound. The duo’s original songs are for and about people in all walks of life, often exploring the search for beauty, light, and hope in the midst of life’s struggles, and they have been performed in large and small listening rooms, small theaters, large library concerts, numerous House Concerts, churches, prisons, homeless shelters, refugee gatherings, schools, and large and small events in America and in England. To learn more and find links to their songs on your preferred listening platform, visit

“Their original songs have a slick, contemporary musicianship underlying them…their tasteful instrumentation always helping to bring their rootsy subject matters to life.” Folk and Honey, UK

“What will stick with you are the stories…you look forward to the next tune like you do the next chapter of a book. One you don’t want to put down.” – WNC Original Music Podcast

Doors open at 7pm and the performance begins at 7:30pm