July 29-Aug 1 Professional Scrum Master – Zoom

Mon Jul 29, 2024 10:00 AM - Thu Aug 1, 2024 2:00 PM EDT
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​This isn't just any Scrum class.

In this highly interactive Professional Scrum Master (PSM) class, you'll transform your Scrum mastery and leadership skills to maximize your team's effectiveness. Discover the opportunities of Scrum while gaining tools for coaching and addressing organizational challenges.

Unlike most classes out there, this class is held across 4 days to increase flexibility, decrease brain overload, and increase learning.

  • Monday, July 29th 10:00am to 2:00pm Eastern
  • Tuesday, July 30th 10:00am to 2:00pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, July 31st 10:00am to 2:00pm Eastern
  • Thursday, August 1st 10:00am to 2:00pm Eastern

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Regular Price: $1095

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Why Take This Class from Mark?

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​Do you feel lost and overwhelmed by the Scrum Master role?

Are you frustrated by the expectation that you simply facilitate meetings ...instead of unleashing your team's full potential?

Do you find yourself struggling to manage team conflicts, causing stress and tension?

Are you feeling powerless to create meaningful change within your team and organization, despite your best efforts?

Come get Unstuck by learning and taking action on the following:

  • Gain a clear understanding of how Scrum is meant to help...and where it's not.
  • Explore the pieces of the Scrum framework and how they can help your team and product succeed.
  • Discover powerful aspects of being an effective Scrum Master.
  • Consider the challenges and opportunities of starting Scrum or increasing its effectiveness.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and become a certified Professional Scrum Master. Join our upcoming course by clicking the "Register" button and take the first step toward becoming a successful Scrum Master.

[Quotes from Mark's PSM Students]


Who should attend?

  • New, aspiring, and soon-to-be Scrum Masters
  • Experienced Scrum Masters looking for a refresh on Scrum and the Scrum Master role
  • Leaders and managers of Scrum Masters
  • Teammates or stakeholders that work with Scrum Teams

What's the agenda?

  • Scrum theory and principles
  • The Scrum framework: roles, rules, and artifacts
  • Done and undone work
  • Product delivery with Scrum
  • Working with people and teams
  • The role of the Scrum Master

What's included?

  • The reference guide from class with illustrations and key takeaways
  • The artifacts we create in class
  • Learnings from other students that are experiencing similar challenges as you
  • Stories and practical examples from someone that has been in your shoes
  • Up to two free attempts at the PSM I assessment (does not expire) - a $200 value
    • If you attend this Scrum.org class and attempt the PSM I certification assessment within 14 days but do not achieve a score of at least 85%, you will be given a 2nd attempt at no cost.
  • One discounted attempt at the PSM II assessment (does not expire) - normally $250, discounted to $150
  • One group Unstuck PSM I study session a week after the class ends

Will this help me pass the assessment?

The Professional Scrum Master I is a challenging assessment with a mix of knowledge and application questions that move beyond just facts about Agile and Scrum. By being fully present in this class, you will gain the confidence and tools you will need to be best prepared to pass the assessment.

How will we do this?

  • Deep, experiential learning about the theory and principles that the assessment is based on
  • Dedicated time throughout class to prepare for the assessment
  • Actionable steps for post-class readiness of the assessment
  • Curated list of additional preparatory materials
  • Free re-attempt if you take and fail the assessment within 14 days of the class (only available for students of the PSM class)
  • Support after class for additional guidance and help with difficult scenarios
  • One group Unstuck PSM I study session a week after the class ends

Through these steps and your deep engagement in class, we are confident you’ll have what you need to pass the assessment and join the ranks of Professional Scrum Masters!

Who is Mark?

[Picture of Mark Wavle]

I remember joining my first Scrum team fourteen years ago... While I was skeptical at first, I was quickly convinced of the empowering and energizing approach as I participated in creating and delivering valuable software that delighted our customers. And I haven't turned back - since joining my first Scrum team, I have been a Development Team member, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and coach.

I’ve been licensed to teach Scrum.org courses since 2016, facilitating classes for thousands of students since then. I love to create experiences where people can have “ah-ha!” learning moments and have been honored to craft these moments at companies, regional groups, and conferences across the United States and the world. I have plenty of successes, cuts, and bruises that I draw upon as I'm helping others experience, learn, and improve how they deliver value.

Outside of work, I lead a non-profit, constantly learn, lead worship, cheer on the Bengals, and enjoy time with my wife and two teenage boys.

Why should I take a class from Mark?

  • Shorter sessions across more days gives your brain space to process
  • Engaging, fun exercises designed for you
  • I’ve been in your shoes in multiple contexts, so learn from my failures and successes
  • I combine principles (why) with practices (what + how)
  • I'll bring my 25 years of experience in a breadth of roles:
    • Software Engineer
    • Business Analyst
    • Scrum Master
    • Agile Coach
    • Professional Coach
    • Team Lead
    • Practice Manager
    • National Agile Lead for a Fortune 500 company
    • Executive Director / CEO of an international non-profit

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Can Unstuck help after the class?

Yes! We offer more than just a one-time experience in training. Unlock the potential of your teams and organizations with Unstuck! Our agilists provide the expertise and insights you need to help you move past the roadblocks in your way. Reach for new heights and become more agile with Unstuck - get out of a rut and on the path to success.


We have deep experience and a breadth of offerings. We offer a full range of training, coaching, and strategic consulting services.


We meet you where you are. We evaluate where you are on your journey, provide valuable ‘aha’ moments, and help you get unstuck in your agility.


Everything we do, we can teach; everything we teach, we can do. Our mission is to enable your success in developing and delivering valuable products by teaching you to own your agility.

Ways we empower organizations’ agility include:

  • Health Check: Doing some things well with Agile and some things not so well? Gain outside perspective on your situation with specific, actionable recommendations through a four-week health check assessment.
  • Team Formation or Relaunch: Starting teams off on the right foot has proven to be a key to long-term success. Team Formation is a set of highly interactive sessions that progress from training and workshops toward mentoring and facilitation in order to enable the team to take ownership of enacting new ways of working.
  • Agile Foundations Workshop: Teams can be coached and given the tools to succeed, but without support from the larger ecosystem outside of the team, these efforts can fall flat. Through this one-day immersive workshop, leaders and stakeholders will walk away with a healthy understanding of how to engage with Agile teams for value-add work, understand the principles and purpose of agility, and explore how it benefits themselves and the organization.

See you in class!

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and become a certified Professional Scrum Master. Join our upcoming course by clicking the "Register" button and take the first step toward becoming a successful Scrum Master.