Workshop with Yagami Ren – Yūgen Studio

Sat 6 Jul 2024 10:00 AM - Sun 7 Jul 2024 5:00 PM
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SEKIBAKU consists of two essential elements: Tai Jutsu and NAWASUZI.

Tai Jutsu is an ancient Japanese martial arts technique that utilises body mechanics to control the body. This technique is an integral part of his style, Shibari - inspired by ancient Japanese martial arts.
The other aspect of his style is NAWASUZI, the use of rope to tie up. His rope technique is based on simple, tenderised basics. But don't be fooled by the simplicity, because the basics are everything.
These two aspects together make SEKIBAKU.

Yagami Style stands for better couple experiences, which brings freedom for body and mind.

The teacher

Ren Yagami is the inventor of Yagami Ryu (Yagami Style) - " 体を縛り、流れを結ぶ " Karada o shibari nagare o musubu" "Bind the body to manifest a connection".

The style is a combination of Aikido (which he has practised since early childhood), Shibari and Hojojutsu techniques.
All these aspects define his special Kinbaku style 「責縛 "SEKIBAKU".
Sen***l rope, beautiful binding, not just tormenting with the rope, the purpose is rather to put the model in such positions that bring the model's inner beauty to the outside.

Yagami Ryu does not only emphasise simple rope usage, but also the bigger picture, with the partner surrounding them. A combination of the rope - for the body and connection- for the mind.
Ren Yagami teaches that even without a rope, you can "tie up" your partner to spend a happy and satisfying time together.