Leytonstone Arts Trail 2024 – Leytonstone

Sat 6 Jul 2024 12:00 AM - Sun 14 Jul 2024 11:45 PM
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This is the Artists Registration Form for the Leytonstone Arts Trail 2024.

- The Leytonstone Arts Trail is open to all who wish to participate.
Your exhibitions and displays should be viewable between Saturday 6th July and Sunday 14th July 2024. You can decide the days and times within the next page (confirmation page).

To take part...

- First, find and decide on your venue which must be in the Leytonstone or Leyton area.
Artwork can be exhibited in various local businesses, cafes, community halls, churches, schools, studios etc.

- If the premises are not your own, seek permission from the owners/ managers.
Negotiate with them about the best way to hang/display your work.
- Alternatively you can use your homegarden or windows of your own home.
- Register your venue, exhibition or event on this site, using the BUY TICKETS tab
(Please limit yourself to no more than two registrations ).

- Deadline for registrations - 3rd June 2024.
Registration costs £15 which will include your venue on the online map for the Trail.
For Group shows a subsequent cost of £5 per artist is required although payment will be taken after registration and before the Trail start.

- Images to promote you and your event...
This year we are working with Bloomberg Connects to create a digital guide to The Arts Trail. It's crucial you support your registration with accompanying images, video and biography. along with your social media details. This is so we can create an in-depth and comprehensive guide.
- You can send us up to 5 supporting images or 'short' video' for your event, via email leytonstoneartstrail@gmail.com
Images should be no more than 5mb in size and 30mb for video. If you have larger video files use this wetransfer link HERE and upload and send to leytonstoneartstrail@gmail.com. 

IMPORTANT Your file should use this naming convention: firstname_lastname_artworktitle.
If you have any issues uploading images or video please email us at mail@leytonstoneartstrail.org 

Contributor materials may used on our website, social media and / or any other material to publicise the event. This includes Bloomberg Connects app and any third party service provider of Bloomberg. 

- Location of venues

Leytonstone & Leyton, E11 & E10

You display your artwork at your own risk. Please discuss with the venue owner how you will display your work to cause minimum disruption to their daily operation. Should any damage occur to the premises where you exhibit, you are responsible for making good that damage.