No Worries! – Kadampa Meditation Centre Plymouth, 48-50 Mutley Plain, Plymouth

Sat 14 Dec 2024 10:00 AM - 1:15 PM GMT
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We often experience worry, fear and anxiety, and seek temporary solutions to cheer ourselves up or to “forget” our worries. We may deny our worries, use distractions, self-medicate or try to control the circumstances of our life to escape the unhappy and uncomfortable minds worrying brings to us. However, we can never have complete control of what happens to us, and our distractions never fully remove our problem. Such responses do not address the real problem: our unpeaceful, disturbed states of mind.

Buddha taught what we can rely upon – the ability to transcend our fears and attain a state of fearlessness. But this can only be accomplished through investigating them and uncovering their source in our own uncontrolled and painful minds.

At this event, we will explore the process of learning to transform our fears and anxieties into a positive force that takes us towards a state of fearlessness. In particular, through transforming our fears into joyful, positive minds we will learn to create excellent conditions that are the opposite to those we fear.

Session 1: 10am - 11.15am Teaching with guided meditations
Session 2: 12pm - 1.15pm Teaching with guided meditations

Our Coffee Bar will be open during the break serving hot and cold drinks, delicious home-made cakes and a variety of snacks.

Drop in or you can book in advance: £15
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