Sept 16-19 Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced – Zoom

Mon Sep 16, 2024 9:00 AM - Thu Sep 19, 2024 1:00 PM EDT
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Dramatically increase your effectiveness as a Product Owner!

Join us for an in-depth learning experience in the Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced class and walk away with tools and approaches to take to maximize your value as a Product Owner. 

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Clients I have worked with


Are you looking to increase your effectiveness as a Product Owner but don't know where to start?

Feel like you’re not able to make meaningful progress for your product?

Trying to balance the demands of many stakeholders?

Feeling relegated to a backlog manager?

Come get Unstuck by learning and taking action on the following:

  • Eliminate the misunderstood stances that Product Owners typically exhibit
  • Increase value for your product by determining the most appropriate stance
  • Reduce waste by only building what your customers need
  • Build effective, collaborative relationships with your team and stakeholders
  • Increase the effectiveness of agility in your organization

Experience the Unstuck approach to Advanced Product Ownership:

  • Replace unhelpful ways of showing up as a Product Owner with those that are more strategic and helpful
  • Gather your toolbox as a Product Owner with templates, roadmaps, storytelling, decision making frameworks, experiment ideas, and ways to influence
  • Create your action plan for implementation of your new tools
  • Hear stories from an industry leader on successes and learnings
  • Work alongside other Product Owners going through similar challenges through stimulating exercises and discussions

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Who should attend?

  • Experienced Product Owners
    • (We've found this class is most helpful for people that have been serving as the Product Owner for at least 6 months or have taken the PSPO course + 3 months experience)
  • Product Leaders
  • Experienced Scrum Masters/Agile Coaches

What’s the agenda?

  • Deep Dive Into The Stances and Tools of Advanced Product Ownership:
    • Customer Representative - focused on understanding customer problems, challenges and potential opportunities

      Visionary - communicating the vision, future state and possibilities in ways that foster common understanding

      Experimenter - focusing on innovation, hypothesis testing and validating potential value to spark product innovation

      Influencer - communicating with and influencing stakeholders, customers and the Scrum Team to act with common purpose

      Collaborator - seeking input, ideas and feedback from others

      Decision Maker - focusing on creating maximum impact by making clear choices and decisions

  • Creating Your Toolbox and Action Plan

What’s included?

  • The reference guide from class with detailed graphs and key takeaways
  • The artifacts we create in class
  • Learnings from other students that are experiencing similar challenges to you
  • Stories and practical examples from someone that has been in your shoes
  • One free attempt at the PSPO II assessment (does not expire) - a $250 value
    • If you attend this class and attempt the PSPO II certification assessment within 14 days but do not achieve a score of at least 85% you will be given a 2nd attempt at no cost
  • A one-hour follow-up session for additional guidance on the assessment and help with difficult scenarios

Will this help me pass the assessment?

The PSPO II is an extremely challenging assessment. In fact, less than 5% of people that attain the PSPO I go on to attain the PSPO II. There’s a mixture of strong application and situational questions that move beyond just facts about Scrum and Product Ownership. This class is not just an assessment prep class. Our goal is in seeing you apply these tools across a wide variety of situations. That being said, by being fully present in this class, you will gain the confidence and tools you will need to be best prepared to pass the assessment.

How will we do this?

  • Deep, experiential learning about the theory and principles that the assessment is based on
  • Dedicated time throughout class to prepare for the assessment
  • Actionable steps for post-class readiness of the assessment
  • Curated list of additional preparatory materials
  • Free re-attempt if you take the assessment within 14 days of the class (only available for students of the PSPO-A class)
  • A one-hour follow-up session for additional guidance and help with difficult scenarios

Through these steps and your deep engagement in class, we are confident you’ll have what you need for the mindset necessary for the assessment. With our help and additional study we lay out in class, you'll be well set up to join the elite ranks of the Professional Scrum Product Owner II!

Who is Chris?

I love making Product Ownership better. All my classes are for Product Owners, or people who work with them. Being a Product Owner is key, but people don't always know what it is. So, I want to help Product Owners succeed. I've worked in tech for over 10 years and was a Product Owner for most of that time. I've been a Product Owner in many places, from startups to big companies. I'm passionate about Product Ownership and how it helps organizations focus on humans. I've helped thousands of people learn how to be better Product Owners. Join my class to learn how to be a better Product Owner too.

In my free time, I enjoy going on walks with my wife and daughter. I also partake in what I called the lazy person's Olympics: frisbee golf, cornhole, ping-pong. I'm based out of Northern Kentucky and I'm a big Bengals and Reds fan.

Why should I take a class from him?

  • Engaging, fun exercises designed for you
  • I’ve been in your shoes in multiple contexts, so learn from my failures and successes
  • I combine principles (why) with practices (what + how)
  • 10 years experience as:
    • Product Owner
    • Product Manager
    • Product Owner Coach
    • Scrum Training Lead for a Fortune 500 company

I'm a brand new Product Owner or about to be a Product Owner. Should I consider this class?

This class is best suited for those that have practical experience as a Product Owner. The challenges and situations we discuss require a level of experience that can't be taught, only lived. As such, we'd recommend waiting on this class until you have some stories under your belt. We'd also recommend checking out the Professional Scrum Product Owner class to help get you started on the right foot as a Product Owner. Chris loves to teach that class as well!

This looks great, however it is too much of an investment for me right now, what would you recommend instead?

I've seen countless people have excellent learning outcomes, and completely change the way that they operate as Product Owners as a result of this class. That being said, I do offer a self paced course that can help get you started. To learn more, visit this link for access to the self-paced course for $148 (Use discount code “ScrumPSPO” at checkout).

This class looks great and I want to go deeper! How can I do that?

Wanting to go deeper with application and practice? Check out the brand-new Product Owner immersion program!

Can Unstuck help after the class?

Yes! We offer more than just a one time experience in training. Unlock the potential of your teams and organizations with Unstuck! Our agilists provide the expertise and insights you need to help you move past the roadblocks in your way. Reach for new heights and become more agile with Unstuck - get out of a rut and on the path to success.

[Deep Experience]

We have deep experience and a breadth of offerings. We offer a full range of training, coaching, and strategic consulting services.

[We Meet You Where You Are]

We meet you where you are. We evaluate where you are on your journey, provide valuable ‘aha’ moments, and help you get unstuck in your agility.

[What We Teach We Do; What We Do We Teach]

Everything we do, we can teach; everything we teach, we can do. Our mission is to enable your success in developing and delivering valuable products by teaching you to own your agility.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and become a certified Professional Scrum Product Owner. Join our upcoming course by clicking the "Register" button and take the first step towards becoming a successful Product Owner.