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Wed 11 Dec 2024 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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#RISK AI Dubai will focus on the emerging world of AI Governance as the global trend towards governing and regulating AI gains momentum.

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It is crucial for Governance, Risk, and Compliance professionals to have a deep understanding of the risks associated with Generative Artificial Intelligence.

While it's not yet clear who will ultimately oversee the Governance, Risk, and Compliance elements of Gen AI in an organisation, it is evident that key leadership figures are taking proactive measures to assume responsibility in this area.

#RISK A.I. Dubai will address the pressing issues in a thought leadership environment, seeking a balance between AI innovation and AI governance.

#RISK A.I. Boston: Navigating the Evolving Regulatory Landscape of AI

AI governance goes beyond the shoulders of executives. While leadership plays a crucial role, effective AI implementation requires collaboration across all levels of an organization.

#RISK A.I. Dubai tackles the challenge of siloed AI responsibilities and missed opportunities.

Join us on December 11th, Dubai to explore:

Accountability: Understanding who's responsible for AI outcomes.
- Privacy & data protection: Ensuring ethical and compliant data use.
- Safety, security, & reliability: Trustworthy development of AI.
- Transparency: Building trust and understanding through AI decision-making.
- Bias: Mitigating the potential for unfair or discriminatory AI outputs.
- Human agency & oversight: Maintaining control and oversight in AI systems.

Break down the silos and unlock the full potential of AI.

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