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Sun 27 Sep 2020 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm BST

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Consensual Negotiation with Consent Academy

The most common mistakes in Negotiation: Everything will work out if everyone has good intent. Join us first for a deeper look. We'll talk about what a good and collaborative negotiation looks like, how to use it to create more safety, where consent fits into all of it, and why just "winging it" sometimes goes very, very wrong. We'll use examples and scenarios to get into the details and help you figure out how to negotiate better.

There's a lot to learn in just 2 hours, so bring your ideas, questions, and an open mind.

You will get the most out of this if you also attend Introduction to Consent on the 20th September.

Presented by the Consent Academy -

We have 3 ticket tiers for this class, please reserve the Pay What You Can Tickets for those who cannot afford the Regular or Budget tickets, instead of seeing it as a cheaper option. We have added this additional tier of tickets as we appreciate this is essential information for those in the rope / kink community and we want to support access to these classes.

Sar Surmick: Consent Academy Director

Sar brought the Consent Academy together in 2016 as a way to advance consent education in Seattle and across the world. With over 20 years of education experience and a strong belief that consent creates a backbone for safe and productive interactions, Sar has worked with the Pan Eros Foundation (formally the FSPC), NCSF, Camp Ten Trees, and a variety of other organisations to promote and educate about consent. When not directing the Academy, Sar works as a Marriage & Family Therapist specialising in Identity, a Sex-positive Educator, and a writer.

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