Registration and Admin Fee for 2020/2021 Silva Method Instructor Training Programme at United Kingdom

Tue 1 Sep 2020 8:00 am - Fri 20 Aug 2021 8:00 pm

£15.00 + £0.00 booking fee
£15.00 £0.00

£350.00 + £0.00 booking fee
Pay when confirmed/accepted for the 2020/2021 Preparatory Programme (not including LDS)
£350.00 £0.00

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2020/2021 Silva Method Instructor Training Programme image

You can join this programme now
It is open for registrations (from 1-Sept-2020) onwards till end of 2020

A Preparatory and Qualifying program and a Lecturer Development Seminar (LDS) is going to start for candidates who wish to become Certified Silva Method Instructors (as licensed by Silva International Inc. Laredo, Texas) to teach the BLS (Silva Method Basic Lecture Series) in the United Kingdom.

Our Preparatory programme is open for people permanently resident in the UK and living in the UK, speaking fluent, excellent English.

Looking for candidates, preferably in University towns, primarily in the following regions:

  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • North of England (e.g. North of Carlisle/Newcastle)
  • Middle of England (e.g. Birmingham, Oxford)
  • South West of England
  • South East of England 
  • Other regions could also be considered,
    but note, that we already have instructors in Leeds, Preston/Manchester, Peterborough, Portsmout/Southampton and several in London

The program has two parts:

Part-1: Preparatory and Qualifying period

  • Duration: 10 - 24 months (depending on background and existing Silva Method experience)
  • Dates: between Sep-2020 and Aug-2021
  • Attendance type:  Candidates have to attend and repeat several Silva Method seminars in the UK during this period
  • Location: London (classroom) and Webinars as well
  • Cost: £350 Fee + Seminar charges apply (as a signed up participant of this programme, you will receive 20% discount on all Standard tickets for seminars attending, not including the LDS)
  • Sponsor/Supervisor: Gabriel Ostend, Director of the Silva Method in the UK
  • Note, Successful completion of this Part-1 is a pre-requisite for the LDS (Part-2, see below)

Part-2: Instructor Training Course (aka LDS - Lecturer Development Seminar) to qualify as a Certified Silva Method Instructor

  • Duration: 7 full days
  • Dates: second half of August 2021 (21-28 Aug 2021 confirmed)
  • Attendance type: 9am to 7pm each day - Online / Zoom
  • Cost:  £2,000-£2,250 (TBC)
  • Trainer: Dr. Lee Pascoe (Director of BLS Instructor Training worldwide)
  • Note, Part-2 is going to be open for non-UK candidates, wishing to teach in other countries and whose Preparatory & Qualifying period is done in those countries.

How does the process work?

  1. Register here (Click on the 'REGISTER for more details' button above) in order to receive the Application Form and Detailed Criteria (we shall send you the form within 48 hours)

  2. Complete the Application Form and send it to us, with the supporting documents

  3. UK Director shall review your application for the Preparation and Qualifying Period (Part-1) - you will receive the response within 3 working days

  4. You will be asked to do a personal or Zoom interview with the UK Director - to be arranged to take place ASAP

  5. If you are accepted then you have to sign the 'Silva-GB Preparation for a BLS Instructor Training' Contract that covers the Preparation and Qualifying Period (i.e. Part-1) and pay the relevant fee (see above)

  6. During the Preparation and Qualifying period (10-24 months, depending how intensively you can proceed)
    1. You have to attend  and repeat several Silva Method seminars (including the Basic Lecture Series, aka BLS) in the UK
      (If you had done some of the courses already, then you are entitled to the repeater ticket, otherwise you will have to pay the standard ticket, but you will receive a 20% discount on the standard ticket price)

    2. Take part in all the activities (e.g. assist the instructor during all the courses you attend, organise and run a Silva Practice Club where you live, etc) that are required by your training contract

  7. At the end of the Preparation and Qualifying period you will have an interview with the UK Director. If you have fulfilled  recommended to attend the LDS (Part-2 of your training) with Dr. Lee Pascoe
    (At this point you have to sign the LDS Instructor Tuition Contract)

  8. If you were successful then you attend the LDS (Part-2 of your training) 
    (Fee for Part-2 of your training, the LDS is payable at this point)

  9. At the end of the LDS Dr. Lee Pascoe and the UK Director is going to assess your training results and may grant you your Certification, so the you can be offered a Teaching Contract to Teach in the UK.

  10. Teaching Contracts are renewed annually at the discretion of the UK Director, subject to compliance with the contract.


Q.: I have not done any Silva Method courses, can I still apply?
Yes, but it is likely to take you 2 years, instead of one before you can attend the LDS

Q.: What is the criteria of entering this training program?
Details will be sent to you, including an application form, after you have registered here (Registration fee £15)

Q.: So how long is before I become a Certified Silva Instructor?
It depends on how much Silva course history and experience you already have and how intensively want to do Part-1 (see above) of the Preparatory & Qualifying Period. Could take 10 months at least or it could be a year longer.

Q.: Will I be allowed to teach the Silva Method anywhere in the world and anywhere in the UK, if I qualify as an Instructor?
The short answer is: No.
      You will be offered a Teaching Licence/Contract in the UK and a region is going to be assigned to you as your Home-region.
The assignments of these regions will be worked out depending on the number of applicants and where they live, at a later stage.
Priority will be given to the candidate for the region, where (s)he actually lives.
(If you move country, you will have to apply for a Teaching Licence for that country from that country's Silva Director, but you do not have to do any more instructor training)

Q.: How much is it going to cost?
A.: See the cost breakdown here:

1) Everyone has to pay

  • £15 - Registration fee for the application form and info pack (£15) - to be paid: Now
  • £350 - Fee for the Preparatory and Qualifying Period (Part-1) - to be paid after you have been accepted for the Preparatory & Qualifying Period 

2) PLUS pay for all the required Silva Method courses,  that are the pre-requisite,
during the Preparatory and Qualifying Period (Part-1), before you can enter the 7-day Lecturer Development Seminar (Part-2)

How much that will cost you depends on your prior Silva course history 
Here are two scenarios

  • It could be as little as £300 If you have already done all the required courses, you still have to repeat 4-times the BLS course, for £75 repeater-fee each 
  • Max it would be in the region of  £1,500 - £2,000, depending on your status, i.e. what ticket-type you are eligible for
  • However, you will receive a 20% of all seminar ticket prices, which could save you as much as £400

3) PLUS everyone has to pay the LDS (Part-2) - £2,000 - £2,250 (tbc) to be paid no later than before the LDS (Part-2) begins in 2021

Q.: What happens, if I do not complete all of the required courses before the LDS (Part-2 ) begins?
Then you cannot enrol to the LDS, until you complete all the required courses.
LDS Training will be available in 2022 in case of sufficient demand, to which enrolment is always subject to sign-off of the Preparatory & Qualifying Period by your sponsoring country-director.

For more questions write to 

Dates and prices of individual courses, that fall within this training programme are subject to change any time if deemed necessary by Silva-GB.