The REWIRE™ Retreat - For Teen Girls Between 13-16 – 42 Acres Ltd

Mon 5 Aug 2024 11:00 AM - Thu 8 Aug 2024 12:00 PM
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About This Event

The REWIRE™ Retreat is a safe, phone free, nature immersion for teenage girls aged between 13-16. It equips them with everyday practical life skills they don’t get taught in school, how to make better life decisions and how to feel good about themselves, off-line, away from the noise of social media. It’s an opportunity to unplug from society and rewire into a new reality they choose.

The REWIRE mission

Uncertainty has become the new normal. Young people are growing up during rapid, constant change and multiple crises. It’s a radically different environment compared to previous generations. It needs a new system for coping with adversity and finding your place in the world. REWIRE addresses these changes and teaches teenagers life skills, different ways of thinking and feeling to help them lead a superhuman life.


From Monday 5th August @ 11:00am

Until Thursday 8th August @ 12:00 Noon


What’s Included at REWIRE?

Accommodation - All our spaces are beautiful, simple, thoughtful, and sustainable. Our intention is for you to feel held in a loving embrace.

 - Nourishing meals per day, fresh and nutritious snacks and unlimited refreshments all from 42 Acres’ Soil-To-Gut Menu.

 - Daily nature based, experiences, workshops and activities

What's Not included

  • Travel


What You'll Enjoy

  • TLC Life strategy sessions exploring Critical Thinking + Decision Making

  • Daily TLC meditation classes to enhance connection + transform mindset

  • Daily TLC yoga classes - to dissolve anxiety + build resilience

  • Ceremonies that create ritualised invitation and closure as the antidote to the common experience of ‘ghosting’

  • Lessons in working with the moon and your menstrual cycle

  • Half day wild spa session

  • Foraging for wild foods with Molly from 42 Acres

  • How to cook for your hormones chef masterclass

  • Nature crafting workshop with Molly from 42 Acres

  • Guided woodland walk with 42 Acres

  • Stargazing evening around the fire + learning about the universe

  • Foraged potions & plant based medicine workshop

  • Psychic Sleep Soiree’s : Night Time Yoga Nidra

  • Natural beauty PJ party

* Your full schedule will be send ahead of your retreat

What you’ll take home

  • TLC life-hack booklet

  • Goody bag stocked with remedies and products to help optimise your health, soothe your nervous system and activate your spirit!



Our Farmhouse is beautiful, simple, thoughtful, and sustainable. Our intention is for you to feel held in a loving embrace. If you would like to 'Bring A Bestie' and share your room, please add the 'Sharing Fee' to your booking to cover room, experiences and meals.


Tickets are sold per room and include accommodation, food, snacks and experiences. If you are coming with a friend and are happy to share a bedroom, we offer a 'Bring A Bestie" rate, which  will save you £250 PP. Please add the 'Sharing Fee' at the point of booking. 

 -  £750PP for Single Occupancy

 - £500PP for Shared Occupancy 


42 Acres, Farmhouse Retreat Centre, Holt Road, Witham Friary, Frome BA11 5H

About The Host

Natasha K Richardson


Natasha K Richardson is a Life Engineer + Leadership Coach and the founder of The TLC Method® + REWIRE™. She is an expert in personal development and purpose-driven living. Scientific, strategic and spiritual, Natasha’s approach finds its way into the brain chemistry of each and every human and business looking to shift from ‘ego’ to ‘hero’. Bridging generations, Natasha’s focus is with the future gens, teaching them life skills they don’t get taught at school and with influential individuals and businesses, resolving leadership, communication and cultural issues.