Summer Camp at the Arboretum: Session 4B: Ages 9-12 years old – East Texas Arboretum

Mon Jul 22, 2024 9:00 AM - Fri Jul 26, 2024 4:00 PM
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The East Texas Arboretum is a 501(c)3 non-profit that strives to educate and celebrate our community through nature. Your contribution is critical to providing unique and meaningful experiences to east Texas youth.

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Celebrate summer with day camp at the Arboretum.

$120 for Arboretum Members and $150 for nom-members

Campers will be dropped off at 9:00am and picked up at 4:00pm each day. (Monday - Friday)
Lunch is NOT included. Please plan to send your camper(s) with a lunch and reusable water bottle. 
Many activities will take place outside, but an air conditioned indoor classroom will be utilized to take heat breaks and to get out of any summer storms. 

What will campers do at camp?
PLAY! LEARN! GROW! Campers will be invited to take part in fun. some activities include:

  • Fort Building: focus on shapes, physics, teamwork, and a history of shelters in the Great Plains
  • Grassland and Forest Ecology: focus on animal classification, native flora and fauna, unique adaptations
  • Bees and Other Pollinators: focus on beekeeping, planting for pollinators, lifecycles of beneficial insects, and relationships in nature (commensalism, parasitism, and mutualism)
  • Lifecycles: how amphibians, plants, and insects cycle through a day, year, or lifetime
  • Math in Nature: focus on shapes, the 5 patterns of nature, tessellations, and the Fibonacci sequence
  • Art in Nature: focus on poetry and stories, colors, shapes, patterns, nature sculptures, and natural dyes
  • Animal Olympics: focus on animal strengths and unique adaptations for survival, and can humans compete?

For more questions contact the arboretum at or call (903) 675-5630.