Movement Ecology for Food & Land Justice: 3-day training – Platt Fields Market Garden, Manchester

Tue 17 Sep 2024 9:30 AM - Thu 19 Sep 2024 5:30 PM
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Calling all community gardeners and growers, people working on food sovereignty, land rights and towards more resilient and just food systems! We face many intersecting crises that have the same root causes – and yet we often remain siloed in our social movements. In this training, we'll explore why and how to come together to create more solidarity and strength across those working for food and land justice in the UK. We'll identify strategically impactful connections, learn about hegemonic power structures and narratives, and how we can adapt in a complex political landscape. Let's explore together how to gain land rights and how to create resilient and just food systems that will rise to meet the demands of a changing climate and society. 

During this three-day course, we’ll

  • map your place and that of other organisations within your context to identify the most useful connections
  • work on strategic challenges and opportunities you and your organisation are currently facing, and plan how to evaluate your interventions
  • learn about theories of change and discover methods for adapting to the complex world we live in
  • up your strategy game by seeing your movement as a complex, living, dynamic ecosystem
  • reflect on how the identities we hold can enrich or limit us
  • make power structures visible and explore the narratives that hold them together
  • explore the constraints of the systems you want to influence, and generate tangible interventions

In addition to diving into theory and practical exercises, you'll have the opportunity to connect with other change-makers and build new relationships. Join us and become part of a community working together for food and land justice and, more broadly, for system change!

Find out more about the Movement Ecology Collective on our website or check our LinkedIn.

Who is this course for?

  • Community gardeners and growers
  • People working on food sovereignty and more resilient and just food systems
  • People working on access to land and land rights
  • Activists, campaigners, organisers, academics – change-makers of all kinds
  • For this course to be helpful, you must already be working on a project. It's OK if it's early stages of that project, but you should have a clear outline of what the vision and goals of the project are.


  • MUD, Platt Fields Market Garden, Manchester, M14 6LT. You can see it here.
  • Accommodation: You will need to find your own accommodation.
  • Accessibility: The site is partially wheelchair accessible. More info on accessibility will be added soon

Quotes from people who have attended this course

  • "I felt re-energised to go and reach out to those that can help us on our mission to embark the masses to fight Climate Change. I have already started on some of the points we did map out and I have to say that these 2 days have given me more determination then ever."
  • "[Leaving feeling] more connected to [my] community. More shared language with colleagues to talk more directly about how to focus our future planning...this feels good :)"
  • "[I enjoyed] learning about hegemony theory and the timeline was a big eye opener! The mapping was a big moment for me to and I felt really motivated afterwards."
  • "[Leaving feeling] Feeling reconnected and clear about how to lead the movement and some great tools to widen thinking with our group" - Victoria
  • "There were lot's of cool connecting the dots moments. I chew over these puzzle pieces so much and it was satisfying to learn how the puzzle pieces can slot together into neater configurations, and then be broken up into new ones." - Amy
  • "Finally the ‘left’ is looking at things differently and trying to work together." - Jo
  • "It made me realise how important all our work is, across all social movements and all those organising for a better world. It feels like that's already providing the basis on which something new could grow." - Wiz



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This workshop is given in the spirit of the solidarity economy, so that we can make it available and accessible for everyone. Here is our sliding scale to give you an idea of what you might pay.

  • £250 – Solidarity: A subsidised fee for those with less financial means. This is the fee for small organisations.
  • £500 – Full cost: How much it costs for us to provide a place on this course. This is the fee for medium organisations.
  • £750 – Redistribution: An opportunity for those with more financial means to support solidarity places. This is the fee for large organisations.

Bursaries available: WE DO NOT WANT MONEY TO BE A BARRIER to participating in this course; email us with what you can pay for the course. We don't have external funding so we won't get paid from somewhere else, but we want to include everyone, so please get in touch and let us know what you can pay at

Individuals: If you are not part of an organisation/are a freelancer, please consider the following: In order for us to be able to do this project and make it accessible to everyone regardless of what they can pay, we encourage you to consider your personal level of affluence. If you answer yes to all/most of these questions, we encourage you to pay at the upper end of the scale. And if you answer no to all/most, pay at the lower end of the scale or apply for a bursary: 

  1. Are you a homeowner or landowner, or rent a high-end property?
  2. Have you attended any private education institutions?
  3. Have you got any postgraduate qualifications?
  4. Are your bills or credit cards on autopay?
  5. Do you, or could you, have access to private healthcare?
  6. Do you have disposable income?
  7. Do you have a safety net of financially stable family or friends?
  8. Do you have a British or EU passport?
  9. Have you or do you expect to inherit any money or property?
  10. Do you have access to financial savings?
  11. Do you currently get by without government assistance/benefits or food banks?
  12. Are you debt-free? Or have a small amount of debt you are confident you can pay back easily?

(Credit to the Sky Larks Collective for this model.)



Cancellation by participant:

  • ≥ 14 days before: 100% refund
  • ≥ 7 days before: 50% refund
  • < 7 days before: no refund, but transfer or credit possible
  • Unannounced no-show: no refund, no transfer or credit

Cancellation by facilitation team: full refund or credit.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

This training and the facilitators are inspired by the Ulex Project

Top image credit: Nathan Mattinson on Flickr