Hampshire Schools Workshop Group 6 (2025) – Microsoft Teams

Tue 4 Feb 2025 2:00 PM - Tue 18 Mar 2025 4:00 PM GMT
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Autism Hampshire will be holding a course, which is funded by the council, for staff from Hampshire schools. These courses are to develop further understanding of autistic children and young people.

This course is CPD accredited and benchmarked against tier 2 of the Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting Autistic People (Health Education England)

Workshop Details

The aim of the course is to provide insight, advice and support to staff who work alongside autistic children in the school setting, whether prior, during or post a child's assessment and diagnosis. Each session will explore a child’s unique way of experiencing every aspect of their school day, and suggest practical ways in which their differences can be accommodated and supported.

What will happen during the course?

Each course consists of six interactive workshops, each lasting around two hours, including time for questions

Who can attend?

The course is aimed towards headteachers and deputy headteachers, teaching staff, SENCos and all school personnel.


Session 1 - Introduction to the Neurodiversity approach

Provides the foundation and context for the other sessions.

Session 2 - Autistic Thinking

Explores how differences in brain structure can generate some unique and individual styles of thinking, and offers practical advice on how to support some areas of difficulty.

Session 3 - Autistic Communication

Discusses autistic perspectives on the use and processing of communication and ideas for adapting interactive styles in order to respect and accommodate them.

Session 4 - Autistic Social Interaction

The focus is on rethinking social expectations and helping autistic people develop relationships in an authentically autistic way.

Session 5 - Autistic Sensory Perception

Demonstrates how atypical sensory perception is manifested in stims, how to interpret them, and suggests things to try in the absence of viable strategies created by the person themselves.

Session 6 - Behaviour

Demonstrates how accepting, understanding and adapting to how children and young people see the world can dramatically reduce anxiety and behaviours of concern.

Course Dates:

All sessions run online from 14:00 - 16:00.

Tuesday 4th February 2025, Session 1.

Tuesday 11th February 2025, Session 2.

Tuesday 25th February 2025, Session 3.

Tuesday 4th March 2025, Session 4.

Tuesday 11th March 2025, Session 5.

Tuesday 18th March 2025, Session 6.