Animation Camp, 11+ : 11+ – Signals

Wed 7 Aug 2024 10:00 AM - Thu 8 Aug 2024 3:00 PM BST
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Develop amazing animation techniques to build your own short, animated film from scratch.
You will have the opportunity to dive into different animation styles including stop motion with clay or card, or hand-drawn animation with professional light boxes.
Our animation workshops will take you through the process of creating each aspect of your story. You will learn how to plan with a storyboard, developing your storyline in a visual way. You will then create your own characters and sets from our variety of resources before your newly developed animation skills bring your characters to life! Sound effects can then be added to build the atmosphere of your world, to create an engaging and emotional story. Don’t forget to finish the project by naming your story and signing it with your name in the credits.