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Mon 28 Sep 2020 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm BST

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The Mello Team is pleased to announce the return of Mello Monday, the dinner where our network first originated at the Mello restaurant in Beckenham.  With current restrictions on social distancing, we will be holding this virtually, via Zoom and it will take place on Monday 28th September 2020 from 6pm to 9pm.

Our guests will be Paul Marriage and John Warren the highly respected fund managers. They are about to launch an Investment Trust called the Tellworth British Growth and Recovery Trust. It is going to be a concentrated portfolio of best ideas from Tellworth across the market cap spectrum but focused on the best British companies – across three pillars; British Global Market Leaders, British Tech and British Recovery. They will be presenting on this and conducting a Q&A session for all of you to join on the evening.

Paul and John have been top rated small cap fund managers for many years; working at Cazenove, Schroders and now running their own boutique fund management company named Tellworth. They returned over 400% vs 114% against the benchmark, in the 11 years they ran their Dynamic UK Small cap fund which is staggering out performance. Their style is highly likely to resonate with the vast majority of our Mello investors.   Just like me, they tend to avoid biotechs, oil and gas stocks and highly speculative situations and strongly believe in meeting management teams and focus on companies with four key factors: Differentiated products; that are market leaders; with good and growing margins; and strong, incentivised management teams. They also throw in the odd turnaround play too.

Additionally in this first virtual Mello Monday we will have a session on analyst meetings and our 'Insider' will tell us about the companies that have held them during September and the nuggets that were revealed.

In the MelloBASH this month we will have the ever popular Paul Scott, Alan Charlton, Leon Boros and one more panelist giving their verdicts on five listed companies selected by you...our Mello audience. Not to be missed !

Steve Clapham will do a 10- minute session on accounting red flags and investing top tips from his Behind the Balance Sheet training courses. Steve runs a Forensic Accounting Courses for some of the biggest investment institutions and hedge funds and he is a former partner and head of research at two multi-billion hedge funds himself, so he knows what he is talking about. Expect some practical tips which you can immediately put into practice and help avoid losers (accounting red flags) and identify winners (investing tips). You can read more about Steve and check out his blog on his website.

Added to that we have a company presentation by SimplyBiz which is a company that many of you follow since their first appearance at Mello 2018 in Derby over two years ago. There will also be a Q&A session after that presentation.

In our five minute 'What's new? session we will feature investor tools, market strategies and new investment ideas put forward by any of our Mello members.

So lots to look forward to on Monday 28th September