Digital Coffee with Crossroads Open House-Framing the Ideology of White Supremacy - Wednesday, July 31 at 5pm-6:30pm CT – Zoom

Wed Jul 31, 2024 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM CDT
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Coffee with Crossroads is a time to get together in community with one another and get to know our Facilitation Team. Our National Program Director, Jessica Vazquez-Torres and one of our National Organizers and Facilitators will be on-hand to answer any questions you might have. Whether you have questions about navigating workplace dynamics, the frameworks we use in our work or book recommendations to delve deeper into topics that are of interest to you, we've got you covered at no cost to you!

Central to Crossroads’ analysis and theory of change is the understanding that systemic racism is rooted in an ideology of white supremacy. As an organization, we have been on our own journey to more clearly articulate the relationships between the various isms that make up this system of ideas. We have also, at times, encountered significant resistance in naming and grappling with white supremacy. Join us on Wednesday, July 24 as we share how we currently frame white supremacy, and how we navigate the implications and challenges of naming and dismantling it within our systems and institutions.

Please be advised that the event is public, and our facilitators may not be able to completely tailor any advice given since there is not enough time to dissect all facets surrounding particularly complex questions. Although Coffee with Crossroads is not a workshop, it is still a courageous space, so we ask that all guests to be mindful of this and adhere to our Courageous Conversation Agreement below:


The Courageous Conversation Agreement is the set of principles that informs the way Crossroads expects people who participate in our programming to engage with each other as well as our staff and vice-versa to create a space everyone can speak freely in, especially when delving into particularly sensitive topics. The agreement is as follows:

Every person in the room has inherent worth and value no matter their background. Because of this, we must all listen to understand and not just listen to respond when an opinion is shared. We must each take responsibility for the way we choose to share our opinions and embrace ambiguity, keeping in mind that not every situation is cut-and-dry. We must also make a conscious effort to make room for as many diverse voices as possible so we are able to consider the topic at hand from different angles and perspectives. Finally, we must preserve the integrity of the stories that are shared within this conversation by respecting one another, holding space when necessary and making sure that anything shared in confidence remains that way and does not leave the room.


Registered guests will be provided with a zoom link after receiving a confirmation email. All guests must have a registered Zoom account to ensure security and confidentiality of the space. If you do not have a Zoom account, please create a free Zoom account beforehand: In order to access the full functions of Zoom and our shared workspaces, we highly recommend joining the meeting from a laptop or desktop computer. Accessing the event through a tablet or phone will limit your ability to interact with the fullness of the experience.

In order to give our facilitators an idea of what to expect, we ask that you share your question or topic of interest while you sign-up. 

If you have concerns about your ability to participate or any accommodation needs, please contact us at