Fri Aug 9, 2024 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM MDT

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Constitution Bootcamp Monthly

Article 6 & 7 - The critical hinge-point in our national sovereignty and individual autonomy

Come study the Constitution so you can help KEEP IT ALIVE!

This is the class you've been waiting for, so you can learn both the foundations and beyond-the-basics about that sacred document and give it renewed life and then put it on a path to make it thrive.

Learn to apply it at the practical level. This is key for everyone who wants to make a difference.

Your teacher is a doctorate level constitutional scholar.

This is a complete study of the entire document - line by line.

Every Article, Section and Clause.

Join us online over Zoom or in person

Event Date: Once per month, per the schedule
Cost (New Reduced Price):

In-Person Price: Free - Come meet us and mingle
Online Zoom Link: $5
Additional Suggested Donation is Optional

Location - Online or In-Person
Food Storage Depot's TV Studio
10366 South Redwood Rd, Unit A
South Jordan, UT 84095

Next class August 9th:
Articles 6 & 7 - The critical hinge-point in our national sovereignty and individual autonomy.

Your Teacher: Dr. Scott Bradley (Read About Here)

Worried about the WHO, UN, NAFTA, NATO, etc? Be part of the solution!

Learn our real power to shut down the globalist power grabs, using the constitution.

Articles 6 and 7 contain the core details on federal supremacy (when it is, and when it is not), treaties (when they apply and when they don't) and the oath of office (what power it gives to every single government official). Misunderstanding these things is the critical hinge-point in our national sovereignty and individual autonomy. That means if you learn it, you can be part of turning the country in the right direction.

The enemies of our freedoms understand these things very well, and they use it AGAINST YOU.

We must not remain ignorant or our ignorance will be used against us.


Interested in the big picture?
Learn "why we're studying the constitution" by reviewing these foundational presentations

Last Month: (Members can always view full recordings with behind-the-scenes details in the members area)

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