Psychedelics and Art Therapy: Preparation & Integration – Zoom

Tue 2 Jul 2024 5:00 PM - Tue 6 Aug 2024 7:00 PM PDT
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Mid-Workshop Registration

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For registrants who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Colour $420.00 $0.00

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Every Tuesday from July 2 - August 6 | 5pm-7pm PST 


This introductory course offers comprehensive theory and concrete applications for the use of therapeutic art and somatic interventions in psychedelic therapy. Following a trauma-informed and harm reduction approach, participants will learn valuable tools in supporting preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences.

Designed for both individuals who have experienced psychedelics and are needing support through integration as well as students, mental health professionals and guides working in the field of psychedelic therapy.

The field of psychedelic medicines are expanding at a phenomenal pace with more people reaching for this avenue as a means to heal trauma, depression, anxiety and other mental health symptoms. As experts in the field have attested to, integration is the most important component of this therapy. Yet many therapists and psychedelic group facilitators have little training in this area. In addition, although art has been a major tool in the expression and integration of altered states for millennia, in the field of psychedelic research and therapy, it has been underrepresented. This is despite experts in the field like Stan Grof and Bessel Van Der Kolk suggesting that non-verbal means are critical to this process. This course will offer the necessary theory and tools to ethically incorporate art into psychedelic therapy.

This course is offered through the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute’s Inner Compass Clinic and can be accessed anywhere throughout the world online through Zoom. Recordings will be made available after each session for you to rewatch at your leisure. Course materials and handouts will also be available through Google Classroom.

All parts of this course will be recorded and made available to anyone who has registered. This way you can benefit from the course even if your availability or time zone don’t allow you to attend during the time period offered.

12 CE credits for self-study are available to be used with a certificate of completion granted at the end of the course.


  • What are non-ordinary states?
  • What are psychedelics and entheogens?
  • History of art and non-ordinary states/psychedelics
  • Art therapy theory and psychedelics
  • Ethics of using art in psychedelic therapy
  • Preparing for a psychedelic journey using art therapy
  • Art materials: Tips and precautions to support psychedelic therapy
  • Concrete art exercises and activities for different phases of the psychedelic experiences (preparation, in ceremony, integration)
  • Creating set and setting for optimal experiences
  • What to expect during a psychedelic journey
  • Incorporating meditation, nervous system regulation, somatic, and energic work into psychedelics
  • Transpersonal, spiritual, and other theoretical approaches to this work
  • The role of the shadow, archetypes and the collective unconscious
  • Parts work, internal family systems (IFS), inner child, and reparenting
  • Using dreamwork as a part of preparation and integration
  • Using a trauma-informed and harm reduction lens
  • Addressing attachment styles and healthy boundaries in psychedelic work
  • Concrete tools for creating safety and stabilization during different phases of psychedelic work
  • Indigenous perspectives on healing and medicinal plant spirits
  • Staying connected to the spirit of the medicine
  • Neuroplasticity & psychedelics: Brain mechanisms and the default mode network during non-ordinary states and art making
  • Applying insights from psychedelic experiences to create lasting change
  • Legal issues regarding psychedelics therapy
  • Precautions & contraindications with other medicines
  • Different psychedelic medicines and means of achieving non-ordinary states



$495 CAD for all six sessions
15% discount for students and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) registrants.

All registration fees are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD).



"I am happy to see the depth and scope of the wisdom presented and the link with art therapy and the topic of psychedelics. Both Charmaine and Rebecca provide a very common sense, grounded, and WISE approach. Art therapy professionals need competencies to assist clients and the medical profession who are turning to psychedelics for healing. It is a tool for healing."
Jan Grygier

Thank you so much, this class is opening my mind to so many new possibilities, very grateful. A big takeaway for me is the level of professionalism here. It is really reassuring to me to have a space that can be rigorous and open, scientific and artful, just feeling very balanced in many ways and allowing us to think for ourselves and experiment . It just feels very hopeful to me to find a space that feels so open and beautiful and still contained and academic"

"Thank you both for your heartfelt offerings. the learnings and art directives extend my expectations, the offerings can be applied to so many other ways other than psychedelic journeying. I really enjoyed the content and wisdom you shared with us."
Anna Schwank

Facilitator Bios


Charmaine Husum, RCAT, RTC, CT, DKATI is a Registered Art Therapist and Somatic Counsellor with over 10 years of experience working in the field of psychedelics. She supports her clients through the preparation and integration process using art therapy, somatic approaches, Kundalini Yoga, meditation, sacred geometry and dream work. Her private practice, Centre of the HeArt, is located on the traditional lands of Treaty 7 where she meets with clients in person and online, and has facilitated groups after ceremony in Canada, the US and Peru. The focus of her work is in supporting healing of trauma, depression and anxiety. She is author and illustrator of Sacred Geometry Visionary Art and is currently working on her second book, Psychedelic Integration & Somatic Art Therapy. Her online courses and more information about her work can be found at


Rebecca Wilkinson, LPC, LCPAT, ATR-BC is trained as a Psychedelic Assisted Therapist through MAPS and Integrative Psychiatry Institute. She is co-founder of Creative Wellbeing Workshops which provides therapy, training, and continuing education in managing stress, increasing wellbeing, ethics, psychedelic-assisted therapy, supervision, preventing burnout and compassion fatigue, and positive art therapy. She is the illustrator of Coloring Creates Wellbeing: The Desert Mandalas Coloring Book and co-author with Gioia Chilton, PhD, ATR-BC of Positive Art Therapy: Linking positive psychology to art therapy theory, practice and research. She teaches on the latter at the GWU Graduate Art Therapy Program.