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Sat 5 Dec 2020 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM GMT

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Two sides of the slash: Developing Protocols in a D/s Relationship

Join us for this introductory workshop where Liquid will take you through the rules, rituals and protocols of a D/s relationship to support you developing or re-discovering your own protocols. 

Bring a pen and paper if you want to take notes, a curious and open mind, and any questions you may have. 

About Liquid

Liquid (She/They/Them/That Bitch) has been a fixture in the BDSM/Leather community for 24 years and a rope bottom & rope model for more than 13 years, and in Sex Work on and off for 20 years. She has competed in and won Ms. Henrietta Hudson Fetish 2008/2009. She then went on to be the only Womxn & person of color to compete in the first Mr/Ms. New York City Leather contest.

Liquid has volunteered at events such as Leather Pride Night, and Folsom Street East. She has presented and sat on Panels for Dark Lair, LSM, TES’ DW/sm group, and many more. Liquid taught workshops on Consent & Negotiations, Risk Profiles, Self Care in Kink, and many more. Liquid takes pride in her activism/advocacy work and has fundraised for many charities throughout her years in the community. Liquid has gained media attention, has been interviewed and quoted in several kink related books, blogs, magazines, as well as appeared in a number of podcasts.

Liquid is the former Vice President of the Onyx Pearls NY Northeast Chapter, and has sat on the Board of Folsom Street East. Currently Liquid is the Vendor Coordinator for Tethered Together, as well as the Northeast Advocate for NCSF and the First Northeast Leather Person, where she uses her platform as a titleholder and background in Social Work & Mental Health to educate and empower others both in and outside of the BDSM/Leather & Rope community.

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