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Sun 2 May 2021 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM BST

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The traditional Calcutta style Dum Biryani is Asma's most treasured recipe. This gorgeous dish has been perfected and handed down to her by family cooks. For generations, the Biryani has been the centrepiece of celebratory meals and family gatherings. "The first time I witnessed the 'unveiling' of the Biryani, it was the night of my sister's wedding. I was absolutely mesmerised- the floral saffron-infused aromas that rose from the pot as the rice was gently mixed is something I will remember forever."

For the first time in Covent Garden, Asma is hosting her highly sought-after Biryani supperclub at Darjeeling Express! Some of you may have caught a glimpse of this festive occasion during Asma's Netflix Chefs Table episode. The Biryani will be unveiled in the dining room in front of guests and served in the traditional "dawaat" style where everyone will be served at the same time. 

To finish, you will receive a trio of desserts - the Royal Hyderabadi Khoobani ka Meetha and Gajjar ka Halwa that were taught to Asma by her family cook, Haji Saheb and a traditional Bengali dessert, Bhapa Doi - a sweet and creamy homemade yoghurt. Following this lovely trio, you will be served a warming masala chai.

Unfortunately in this instance, we will not be able to accommodate dietary restrictions although vegetarian alternatives will be available - the menu is fixed.


B I R Y A N I   S U P P E R C L U B   L U N C H

Bihari Phulki
lentil fritters served with
spicy chilli and tamarind chutney


Shammi Kabab
mutton minced kabab

Beetroot Chop (VG Option)
spiced British beetroot croquette


Darjeeling Chicken Momo
these steamed dumplings served with red chilli 
and sesame chutney are a speciality dish made in 
the homes of the kitchen team with Nepali heritage

Carrot & Cabbage Momo (VG Option)
inspired by Tibetan dumplings

Calcutta street food made of wheat and semolina
shells filled with spiced black chickpeas, potatoes 
and tamarind water


Lamb Dum Biryani 
a family recipe where a layer of meat, potatoes and rice are infused 
with saffron, spices and slow-cooked in a sealed pot. Served with 
Hyderabadi Mirchi ka Salan (chilli and onion gravy), Bengali tomato, 
apricot, prune chutney and beetroot raita

Paneer Pulao & Mirchi ka Salan (VG Option)
cooked in the traditional way with 
layers of vegetables, paneer and prunes


Khoobani ka Meetha
stewed Hunza apricots garnished 
with pistachio served with coconut cream

Gajjar ka Halwa
carrot halwa garnished with 
pistachios and served with cream

Bhapa Doi
steamed yoghurt set in a terracotta pot


Masala Chai
spiced tea served in 
a traditional terracotta cup