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Sat 27 Mar 2021 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM GMT

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The two sides of Safety in Ropes with Discover Kinbaku

Safety in Rope Bondage is a complex issue, involving a lot of aspects. This class looks at safety for both sides: what the riggers can (must) do to mitigate the inherent risk of rope bondage and what people in ropes can do to maintain a high level of safety for themselves whilst having fun.
For doing the ropes, we look at safety through the lens of how other disciplines manage potential dangerous situations. We draw concepts from chemical engineering and extreme sports. The focus will be on how we tie - not on materials or hanging point installation. 

For rope bottoms, we will talk about the internal feeling of safety. How does it feel, when we are challenged, but still safe? How do we recognise for ourselves, when we are not safe anymore and what are our strategies to regain safety? How do we feel the difference between being “uncomfortable” and being “unsafe”? What inner “tools” do we have, to influence our own state?

This class will include a talk about our ideas on safety from both sides of the rope, as well as the live demo of the exercise that we found helpful for both partners together to explore the space between “uncomfortable” and “unsafe, as well as Q&A.

About Discover Kinbaku

We are Alexander NawaRonin and Natasha NawaTaNeko. Kinbaku and especially Seme-nawa in the style of Akira Naka as taught in Europe by Riccardo Wildties has become an important and enriching part of our lives. We share our passion by opening our Studio6x6 in Berlin for interested people and by performing and teaching Kinbaku together.

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