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Sat 6 Mar 2021 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM GMT

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Creating Belonging: An Authentic Approach to Inclusion

What do we really mean when we say creating inclusive spaces? As a community, it's important to recognize and understand how our individual actions can impact the sense of belonging others feel in the spaces we occupy. This class will take us through an exploration of authentic engagement in kink spaces. We will explore the concepts of belonging, inclusion, and building spaces where people can show up as their full and authentic selves. This class will cover the ways we can individually show up to create belonging, no matter our role in the social ecosystem. This class is perfect for community members, event producers, organizers, and anyone else who is interested in creating better spaces for belonging. 

The class will consist of lecture/presentation, facilitated discussion, and Q&A.

About Sage

Sage (they/he/she) is a gender non conforming, queer, Asian person of colour, and a non-native English speaker. They fell in love with rope in mid-2013 and heavily identifies as a “Rope Daddy”. Sage’s rope journey has been founded in deep connections with partners, working as a team with her partners, and encouraging mutual growth in rope. Sage has taught at events/cons across North America and Internationally. He has a deep passion for education. Their teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in partnership, inclusion and student-cantered learning. Sage is currently a steering committee member for NARIX, a moderator for the rope bottoming share group, founder and leader of Start Here a group that educates newcomers into the community that spans across 3 states and actively educates on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) related topics both professionally and in the kink space. She holds a bachelor’s in secondary education and a master's in non-profit leadership with a diversity and inclusion focus - working full time as an Equity change leader in the non-profit space.

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