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Thu 4 Mar 2021 9:00 PM - 10:15 PM EST

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I don't know what I don't know, but together we know!

What a weird name for an event. Here's the deal. There are a billion events all competing for the same set of eyes and ears and they're focused on what organizers want to push into your head. There's certainly nothing wrong with that, but we thought we'd try something differently.

What is it that jiggles people into action? Why is it that some people are willing to take risks and change things while others get stuck? We want this event to be about helping you get unstuck. It's not about 'experts' telling you about their favourite method, model or tool, it's about you bringing a problem you can't seem to figure out and the crowd at the event will help point you in a direction.

Feedback from a previous attendee

"I went in very weary, if not a tad skeptical, yet open with nothing to lose. W.O.W. In 12mins I got a load of ideas, ones that I did not even expect. And get this: From complete strangers who were willing to help. Incredible. The openness. The raw honesty. The vulnerability. All paired with a forward thinking solutions driven approach. No BS beating around the bush or mulling over the seemingly mountain of an issue. Most effective and efficient 1.5hrs for a while!!! Love the approach. Love the idea. So much gratitude. Thank you."

Here's how it works:

  • When you register, you'll be asked for a 'problem statement' - this is something you want to uncover some options for solving
  • During the session, we'll have 15-20 minute breakout rooms where others will help you get to action through a short exercise.
  • Between each 15-20 minute session someone in your breakout room (ideally you!) will do a 60-second lightening talk about what happened (it might be you got to action, it might be you ended up with more questions)
  • The organizers, Sarika and Jason, will reach out to you a few weeks after the event to see what happened and do a short 10-15 video interview so everyone at the event can see what happened.
  • We'll post the videos at a private url so only people in the event can see them

Why this, why now?

Education is largely free nowadays and it's easy to be lulled into a false sense of chasing methods, which we're all guilty of. Great things happen when we act, but we all get stuck and we all need a support system to jiggle us into action.

We think this type of event would be more useful than yet another 2 day online conference designed to let sponsors sell you stuff, but hey, it's an experiment for us and we might be totally wrong!

Other Goodies

  • The event is 75 minutes long and we'll most likely use Zoom
  • There will be breakout rooms of 5-6 people with a maximum of 5 concurrent breakout rooms as we are limiting this event to 25 people. This will probably change depending on how many people sign up, but the premise will be the same. If only 5 people register, we'll work on all 5 problems in the main room
  • Don't register if you don't plan on coming or if you're just curious and want to be a wallflower. There's nothing wrong with that, but that's not what this even is about. We will have a waiting list.
  • The weird registration fee is to avoid the "meh, it was free, but I didn't go" problem.
  • We are donating 100% of the ticket sales, less transaction processing fees.

Who's behind this?

Sarika Kharbanda and Jason Little. If you want to know how this came to be, check out this video: