Covid19 secure ticketing for live music

Ticketing for Covid-secure events

At Ticket Tailor our response to Coronavirus is focussed on three areas; providing a great platform for ticketing your virtual events, delivering tools that enable remote working and, crucially, supporting you to get in-person events live again, in as safe and efficient manner as possible.

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We’ve released bespoke features to support you through Coronavirus

Our features will help those who have challenges around staff and attendee safety, social distancing and capacity management. We’re also here to help you seamlessly manage more frequent, smaller events, and to make it simple to communicate the latest guidelines to your ticket buyers.

Music lesson online event over video

Sell tickets for your online event

  • Integrate with Zoom, Hangouts, and more
  • Custom templates for online event confirmation emails
Learn more about online events
Performance with safely managed event capacity

Safely manage event capacity

  • Set your event up with time slots for entry management
  • Easily list multiple or recurring events
  • Manage capacity limits by ticket type
Learn more about managing capacity
Socially distanced event

Support for Covid-secure and socially distanced events

  • Reserved seating and space / area reservations to allow you to safely manage the proximity of your attendees
  • Safely check in your attendees using our distance scanning app feature
  • Built-in features to make it simple to enforce Coronavirus guidelines
Learn more about socially distanced events
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Safely managed reserved seated event

Reserved seating and simple floor plan mapping.

Our built-in seating chart feature makes it easy to set up your venue layout and create zones allowing your customers to pick their own socially distanced seat. Fully customisable to suit the needs of your event – whether that’s a seating chart, or a socially distanced standing set-up with pre-allocated areas – our tool allows you to allocate spaces for individuals, couples or groups in order to maximise your venue capacity.

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Actor on stage

More Covid-secure features

Teammates can remotely access and work on your box office

Our team access feature allows you to add team members to your box office. You can give them different permission levels ranging from overview (being able to view sales figures and revenue only), through to admin (access to everything).

Share a draft event with a remote colleague

Sometimes it's helpful to get a second opinion on your event listing, or you may want a fresh set of eyes to check for any mistakes - this may be tricky if you can’t be in the same office as your colleagues at the moment. So, if you want another person to review your event before you push it live to the world, you can share a draft event link.

Listing more events than usual? Save time by duplicating events

Increasing the number of events, but having less capacity is a great plan for returning to in-person events safely. This help article walks you through how to set up multi-day or regular events. If you run a venue or event that requires time slots, then you can also manage this via Ticket Tailor.

Automatically send safety advice or social distancing guidelines to attendees

Our scheduled broadcast feature gives you total control of when you send emails to your ticket buyers. This tool is particularly useful to inform attendees on guidelines of attending your venue or event.

The options for when you can send an email are:

  • Immediately – send your message instantly to your chosen audience
  • At a scheduled date and time – choose a specified time to send your message
  • At a scheduled interval before the event starts – choose to send your message a certain number of hours/days before your event
  • At a scheduled interval after the event end – choose to send your message a certain number of hours/days after your event
Supporting event organisers with the lowest fees in the industry

We’ve always aimed to have the lowest fees in the industry and consistently price match to ensure our event organisers know they are getting the best deal. As an independent ticketing company we have more flexibility around pricing and that allows us to price fairly. We are also free for all virtual and online events until at least 1st September.

Automatically schedule events to support with managing multiple events

To help you manage multiple events and reduce some of the admin tasks we have released a feature which allows you to schedule the time an event goes live. This means if you want to create your event now, but not push it live until a future point in time, then it’s simple to do so.

Guaranteed payouts, directly to your Stripe/PayPal account

Ticket Tailor is different to other platforms in that the money from ticket sales never touches our bank account; it goes directly into your Stripe or PayPal account. This means you don’t have to wait until after your event for us to release your money. This article explains more.

The same great customer support

We haven’t decreased our team size during the pandemic. Every member of our team remains on hand to give the exceptional customer support we’ve become famous for.

Secure and cloud based data storage to give you peace of mind

All of our data is stored securely in the cloud. This means we can easily scale our capacity and never compromise your data security. Our dashboard is served over SSL so all data transfers are secure. And our payment processing uses the very latest PCI DSS card-security standards.

Exclusive ownership and control of ticket buyer personal data

With Ticket Tailor you are the exclusive "data controller" of all of your ticket buyers personal data. This means that you and only you get to decide how that data is used. Some ticketing companies would share the "data controller" status with you which means they may use ticket buyer data for other purposes.

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Supporting event organisers has always been our number one priority. When the pandemic hit, this took on an entirely new meaning. We’ve released more features than ever and removed our fees for virtual events – Ticket Tailor is doing everything we can to help event creators get back on their feet.
Jonny White, Founder Ticket Tailor
Event Collectors Collective

The Event Creators Collective

Now more than ever, the events industry needs to pull together, support each other and share knowledge. That’s why we launched The Event Creators Collective. In April we kicked-off a four part series on how different types of events are responding to lockdown.

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